Zombietainment: Which acts would you Bring back from the Dead?

May 28, 2012


The start of the year caught Adam in something of a macabre mood, the subject of his Event Magazine Blog was Which acts would you being back from the Dead? and in it he discusses the passing of a few music and comedy greats that would surely make anyone's list. But let's not ask just anyone, lets ask the newly-back-from-Christmas-Holiday team at Sternberg Clarke - Which Acts would you bring back from the Dead? It's the same question as Adam asked but we have not regurgitated content from the other blog, that would be dishonest. Go read it if you like, it's ok - I'll wait till you get back. Finished? Good, then away we go.

Jane Moore

I would have a all stars covers band, staring John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Mark Boylan, Patsy Cline, Carol Carpenter, Keith Moon oh, and  Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis... and Johnny Cash... and Billy Holiday

I would make them sing dodgy covers from the 80's. My total guilty pleasure!!

(Nice work Jane - you took, like, all of them. And as there's no footage of this made up band, I'll just have to show a clip of USA for Africa singing "We are the World")

Adam Sternberg

I would like to book Kenneth Williams as a stand up act for an award dinner. I would get him to do my favourite joke- "Man walks into a bar and asked the glamorous waitress for an innuendo and she gave him one."

Alice Chorley

OK, so prepare for another equally girly answer, as always from me!  And in fact, I'm not even completely answering the question...the act that I would like to most bring back from the dead would be Marilyn Monroe, but rather than book her for something in the present, I would have loved to have been the one who booked her to sing Happy Birthday Mr President to JFK.  I imagine that in rehearsals she probably sang it all lovable and joyous and then when the time actually came to it, she suddenly turned all sultry which then sparked the rumous of their affair.  That would definitely be a stomach clenching make or break moment for your career!

Garreth Owen

Normally I'd gush about Elliott Smith when given the option to talk about the recently deceased, but I'm not sure how suitable he'd be at a wedding party or a teambuilding event . I was deeply saddened by the passing of Patrick Swayze about a year ago though, so I'm going to pick him. "Swayze?" you might say "A fine actor to be sure, but what good would Patrick Swayze be to Sternberg Clarke?". Plenty of good - I'd reply. Because Swayze could do literally anything. He could dance, he could sing, he could make pots, he could fight people in bars, he could surf... he could even do public speaking. Creepy public speaking. He truly is is an all round entertainer and the kind of guy a booking agent dreams about. *Professional Swoon*

Hayley Hannam

I would have to pick Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. His style is still popular today with the likes of Robbie Williams and the Glee cast resurrecting (desecrating might be a better word) old Sinatra songs, but no one does it better than Frank. I imagine there is no better way to get your wedding party dancing than Sinatra and his band belting out ‘Come Fly With Me’ on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Ben Lloyd Evans

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore would be my choice of an act to bring back from the dead due to the sheer silliness of the following video. Silly though it may be, Dudley Moore arranged the music and the timing is perfect – they are inimitable.

Duncan Clarke

I'd genuinely like to bring Nina Simone back to life. She has to have been one of the greatest piano players ever, mixing jazz with classical, an unmistakable voice and a true eccentric.