YouTuesday: Our Favourite Videos from the Interwebs This Week

December 11, 2013

Inspiration can come from all kinds of places, sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes it’s a book, sometimes it’s an expertly written blog from an entertainment agency… Why, even a humble YouTube video can spark off something in an event planner’s brain that leads to an aerialist hanging from a ceiling shooting CO2 from a gun, a Neon Geisha in Future Tokyo at Christmas or two investment bankers charging at each other with spears on Segways.

As we’re in the business of helping come up with such weird and wonderful ideas, it’s no surprise that the Sternberg Clarke team generally keep a tab open on YouTube lest we miss the hottest viral video, the wackiest VMA performance or the best video of a dog who thinks he’s people… They don’t all end up turning into good ideas.

So in what might become a regular thing, we’re sharing our favourite videos from the last week in blog form – things that might end up being turned into entertainment ideas later on. Read on for our picks and let us know yours in the comments. (Also next time we'll actually do it on a Tuesday... promise)

The Wikidrummer

This one’s especially useful for anyone planning events in spaces of different sizes. Watch as a drummer performs in different locations stitched together seamlessly and hear the difference that acoustics can make to a musicians performance. Worth bearing in mind if you have a band booked over the Christmas period.

The Dan Deacon App

Electronic musician Dan Deacon’s app The Dan Deacon App (nice name, guy) harnesses the power of the audience’s smartphones to create a spectacular visuals that pulse and change colour in time to the music being performed live on stage. Can’t be long before we start seeing this at events.

Jukebox Champions – Celebrate

No matter how good a DJ is, you rarely find yourself watching them perform – it’s normally a guy holding one headphone to his ear staring at his laptop. Electronic duo Jukebox Champions are a different proposition altogether using innovative sampling tricks and a range of toys to create a video that’s as fun to watch as it is to listen to. The tap dancing dance mat and sample trumpet are particularly clever touches.  

How Old Are Your Ears?

This video made the rounds a few months ago but we weren’t doing the whole “favourite videos post” thing back then and it’s just so gosh darn interesting/terrifying it’s impossible to miss off. This video uses different frequencies to help identify the approximate ‘age’ of your ears  - you may be surprised by the results.  

R. Kelly is Certifiably Insane… Also Lady Gaga Was There

Finally, who could possibly leave off R. Kelly’s reliably unhinged performance at the American Music Awards in which ‘Robert’ plays the President (naturally) and Gaga plays his Secretary who calls to get his lunch order (needless to say, he wants “THAT ITALIAN!”) and then a song happens and R. Kelly doesn’t seem that bothered but then he starts looking up and then, and then… Just watch it.

If you feel like any of those gave you an idea for your next event, head over to our contact page and get in touch!