Yodelay-hee-who? The Search for Yodelling Choirs and Other Rare Talents

February 21, 2011

Have you ever wondered how many yodeling choirs there are in this country? Well nor have I before Monday when one of our clients asked me to source both an Alpine horn player and a yodeling choir as entertainment for an event she is arranging. After many years of booking entertainment I thought I had been asked for everything from creating a unicorn for a Harry Potter themed birthday party at Skibo Castle which one of the best jobs ever.

The client was celebrating her 40th birthday party by flying forty of her closest friends and family over from the States and hiring Skibo Castle exclusively for a week, no expense spared here; she was determined to have as much entertainment as possible and everyone at Sternberg Clarke threw themselves into sourcing and booking a fantastic array of acts. From the sublime to the ridiculous we have been asked to provide a waterskiing dwarf, just proving that we never know what people find entertaining.

Back to yodeling, I am shocked at the scarcity of Alpine entertainment in this country and have decided that Sternberg Clarke is going to singlehandedly boost Alpine horn players, yodeling choirs, fondue eating, schapps drinking games and Heidi lookalikes not to mention insisting every client books a medley of Sound of Music hits complete with a fully co-ordinated curtained line up of von Trapps, whether they want them or not.