World Music: 'Esperanto Jam' Entertain Olympic Event at Tate

September 12, 2011



As we mentioned in a previous post, the Event industry is slowly but surely showing signs of Olympic fever and the only cure seems to be themed entertainment. That, and corny opening lines to blogs. Last time we looked at the best Speakers to book for your next Olympic themed event but in this post, we're looking at a recent event where the entertainment celebrated the multicultural nature of events like the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

DJ Ben performing at Tate Modern as Part of Esperanto Jam

For The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games'  (LOCOG) recent event Paralympic Launch event at Tate Modern - we were asked to provide entertainment that could reflect the startling mix of nations and cultures that make up the games themselves. With athletes and organisers from France, Spain, America, Mexico, Argentina, USA and Africa; it was important to try to fully represent the unique diversity of the guests in attendance but also to do this subtly.

Percussionist Laura at Tate Modern for LOCOG's Event

Putting an International spin on a classic entertainment concept, we put together an act called Esperanto Jam; a mix of DJ and Live musicians performing a morphing mixture of music from different cultures. Featuring world music expert DJ Ben, classical guitarist Pete and Latin Percussionist Laura, Esperanto Jam effortlessly switched tracks between Oriental, Latin and African music as well as a host of other styles and genres.

Guitarist Pete performing in the Miro Exhibition at Tate Modern

Making full use of the sleek, modern surrounds of Tate's Level 4 Gallery - our contemporary background music proved to be the perfect accompaniment to an event set in and amongst Tate's stunning Miró exhibition (Which, if you've not had a chance to see, you're sadly out of luck - it ended on the 11th of September.) Our talented combo of performers continued late into the night with the help of Focus Lighting and Production and the hard working event staff at Tate.

Esperanto Jam at Tate Modern

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