World Cup Party Theme Ideas

June 14, 2018

It’s finally here, the football event of the summer! If you’re not a fan of the beautiful game – and there are some of you – then look away now, because this is the ultimate blog for fans of soccer in all its forms.


What finer way to kick off your World Cup party than with the very best World Cup entertainment available (well, aside from the matches themselves)? You might recognise T2, two incredibly skilled footballers, from various shows on television including Soccer AM and live at the Ballon D'Or ceremony. With an acrobatic ability that rivals gymnasts, you’ll wonder why these two talented footballers never went professional as they impress with a football freestyle show that should have even the most hardened Germany supporter able to crack a smile. A wonderful football entertainment idea that can impress both inside and out!

Giant Inflatable Table Football

 What’s more fun than table football (or 'foosball' if you're an American)? Hiring giant inflatable table football of course! Yes, in this life size version of the classic tabletop football game, you and a number of friends and acquaintances are strapped in to position and put to work either attempting to score a goal or desperately defend your net. The twist is, of course, that you can only ever move sideways with your fellow teammates on the same bar. Perfect entertainment for corporate events and private parties a like, you’ll be having more of a party than Jamie Vardy in no time!


 We know you might not instantly think of the incredibly talented acrobatic trio when first thinking of World Cup party entertainment, but just look at that photo! Bringing to mind the glory days of 1966, these three 'footballers' will work in a similar way to costumed characters before surprising guests in an incredible way by pulling off various feats that the vast majority of fans could only dream about. There are no beer bellies here as the Acrochaps perform acrobalance throughout the evening. Fun, hilarious and just the tonic to help you get over that late Belgian goal.

Russian Entertainment

 Far be it from us to decide which form of Russian entertainment is the best entertainment for your party, but since the World Cup is being held in Russia, you might want a little something to celebrate that fact. From borscht and beef stroganoff to learning all you need to know about the basics of vodka tasting, there is a whole host of Russian food and drink ideas out there, whilst traditional Russian dancers can definitely help to embody the exuberance of the country.

Large Television Screen

 Lastly but by no means leastly, we advise at least having one television screen at your party because most guests won’t turn up otherwise. Frankly, the bigger the better – you want everyone to be able to see it, right? – you could even hire a projector for your event to get the most out of the occasion. Without live football of World Cup 2018, there isn’t really a party at all, so be sure to provide the surroundings that all fans need. Note: Plastic chairs are not advised for the more rowdy English fan.

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By Henry Fosdike