Wonderful Water - 5 Water-Based Venues

May 19, 2015

With summer on it's way, it is time to prepare for rain. No, really. Or at least, that's the way we used to be here in the UK. In fact, all that sunshine last year was extremely difficult to deal with because we literally have no idea what to do. Blazing sunshine? Too hot. A bit of snow? Everything comes to a standstill. But a bit of water in the air? Perfect.

In celebration of all things water-based, here are some wonderful venues linked to the wet stuff.

Silver Sturgeon

One of the largest and most versatile venues sitting on the River Thames - literally - the Silver Sturgeon can hold up to 440 guests. With a superb open air bar on the upper deck and a huge event space on the lower deck, this is a venue that can be moulded to best suit whatever event you're holding! From weddings to product launches, this venue has seen it all and we supply entertainment on board on a frequent basis.

London Eye Barracuda

A stylish venue that has been seen sailing up and down the Thames for almost 40 years, the London Eye Barracuda is another exceptionally popular riverboat that holds 144 people. With a classy lower deck and an upper deck that sits beneath the stars, it is an entertainment venue for the most bespoke of occasions, perfect for a private party or informal networking evening.

Cutty Sark

Okay, so it doesn't technically go anywhere these days but way back when, the Cutty Sark used to tear up the international seas, clipping tea here, clipping tea there and generally supplying the folk of Britain with the hot beverages they so desired. Now it's permanently moored in Greenwich, with a number of permanent event spaces providing a versatile venue for all sorts of elegant and entertaining acts.

The London Aquarium

Okay, so it isn't technically on the River Thames, but the Sealife London Aquarium (to give it its full title) is right beside it and as you eat your dinner or nod apporvingly at the magician walking by your table, you'll no doubt be surrounded by sharks, octopuses (octopi?) and many other examples of marine life. Providing a completely unique venue for up to 500 people, it has been used for corporate events, private parties and many other events besides. 

Tower Bridge Walkways

Are you above the River Thames or on the River Thames? It's hard to say when you're attending a party in the Tower Bridge Walkways, which of course stretch across the entire expanse of water. Available for dinner parties and other events as an interesting and different venue for your occasion, this will have guests cooing at the view. (Or at the very least nodding appreciatively).

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By Henry Fosdike