Top 5 Winter Wonderland Entertainment Ideas

October 23, 2013

When people start talking about themes for Christmas Corporate Events, one theme looms large over all others like an 800lb gorilla polar bear (actually 800lb is pretty light for a polar-ach...) and that’s the Winter Wonderland theme. While there are still plenty of Beach Christmas parties and James Bond events around Christmastime, when it comes down to it few are able to resist the opportunity  to turn a venue into a snow-flecked ice-palace for the evening.

But while it might seem like all you need is a can of fake snow for the windows and a few blue uplighters, a Winter Wonderland theme offers great scope for creativity, especially when it comes to entertainment. By picking out the right acts to complement the theme, you can turn a frosty reception into a great place to chill... Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of that in this post. Just y'know, brace yourself.

 Snow Globe Acrobats

Cursed by perpetually mild weather as we are in the UK, we’re often forced to get our Christmas snow-fix by shaking up the artificial flakes in glass baubles that depict wintry scenes of churches or reindeer driven sleighs. But now, thanks to our pair of highly trained acrobats, event guests are able to enjoy the experience on a larger scale... and did we mention the acrobats? Oh we did... This unique and captivating performance makes for a magical focal point to the evening and is always a firm favourite around Christmas.

 Ice Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers remain one of the most versatile and themeable acts at an entertainment agency’s disposal and come Christmas, they’re an invaluable way to provide some spectacle at the start of an event and make full use of the height of a venue. Our winter themed stilt walkers elongated, icy limbs and snow-inspired costumes make them an eye-catching addition to any Winter Wonderland event. More importantly, they’ve never been known to flake out of a booking.

 Wonderland Pixel Poi

Another endlessly adaptable act for corporate events, our Wonderland Jugglers utilise state of the art programmable pixel poi to create swirling, spellbinding light displays that are tailor made for long dark evenings (as we discussed in our Light-Based Entertainment blog).  Their high impact, energetic show puts a (literal) spin on Christmas lights (what with all the spinning) and can be programmed to include company logos or bespoke seasonal messages. Cool.

 White Ribbon Dancers

With a swirling flurry of ice white ribbons our Winter Ribbon Dancers allow a guy to use words like ‘swirling’, ‘flurry’ and ‘ice’ in close proximity when he’s writing a blog about winter entertainment. Words he couldn’t possibly use if he was talking about multi-coloured ribbons – no siree. The dancers are able to perform as an ambient act in tandem with other Christmas entertainers but they also work especially well when set to suitably seasonal music to create a captivating stage show.

 Elle and the Pocket Belles

All of these frosty stilt folk and swirling fairy lights are great n’ all, but are we watching all of this stuff in silence? Of course not – there are plenty of options for Christmas music at events – a handful of which we covered in this blog. In truth, there are too many great musical Christmas acts to list, but when it comes to creating the perfect soundtrack to a Winter Wonderland themed event, you can’t go wrong with vocal harmony fivesome Elle and the Pocket Belles whose vintage arrangements of Christmas classics have made them a highly sought after act come Christmastime.

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By Garreth Owen