Why You Should Book Virtual Reality for your next Event

October 28, 2019

Virtual reality hasn’t fully taken over like some suspected. Although it is slowly taking hold and everybody we know who has tried it absolutely loves  it, due to the costs involved in buying a headset for yourself (as well as the space requirement to use it), it seems like booking virtual reality headset for an event is the closest you’ll get to playing with one any time soon. But who should you book virtual reality for your next event? This blog seeks to answer just that query!

1. It’s great fun

This is an obvious one but simply put, virtual reality is great fun! There is nothing quite like putting on a virtual reality headset and instantly finding yourself careening down river rapids or attempting to cross a steep chasm on a rickety bridge. Known for being immersive, you will no longer believe that you are at a corporate event but will truly feel as though you are in the location that you can see. There’s nothing else like it and that is a primary reason that we feel you should book virtual reality for your next event. 

2. New experiences

Following on from above, there are so many different options when it comes to virtual reality. Do you want to imagine that you are flying above the Grand Canyon or perhaps you’d like to experience hang-gliding without the reality of being hundreds of metres in the air? These experiences and more can be chosen with virtual reality; experiences that you would never ordinarily get to enjoy without spending thousands of pounds or having nerves of steel!

 3. Everybody can watch

One of the difficulties with virtual reality for an event is quite often that nobody can see what anybody is up to. All you get to see as an outsider is a person just waving their hands about and occasionally shrieking, which although fun is all a bit odd for those watching on. Thankfully when booking VR for an event, television screens are provided which means everybody else can see what the user is looking at. Laughter is absolutely guaranteed.

4. It enhances team building

With everybody now able to observe a VR session, virtual reality is now perfect for teambuilding. If you have chosen to have a game that involves puzzles, guests can shout along and offer advice to anybody else playing. The crowd that gather round can aid in helping players get over their fear of heights or can work towards a solution that works for everyone. And if the player ignores the guests watching on? At least the crowd are enjoying a fabulous experience by being right!

 5. It’s not just you

When you book VR for an event, it doesn’t just have to be one headset and one television. You can actually book a number of headsets and have guests play against one another, just like they would on a normal console. This ensures that queues will be shorter and more people can experience VR. As ever, anything the players do will still be broadcast to others so the winner can certainly bask in the glory once the headset comes off!

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By Henry Fosdike