Why You Should Book Staged Photography for your next Event

February 26, 2018

Staged Photography - photoset photobooth

When it comes to booking entertainment for events and parties around London, clients often opt for a photo booth. If you think back to any wedding or evening out that you have attended over the past 12 months, we guarantee that there was at least one photo booth for use at one of these events. Everybody likes them and they’re great… But what if they could be improved? That’s where Staged Photography comes in!

First up, we should probably acknowledge the elephant in the room (and to be honest, with Staged Photography, there really could be an elephant in the room!) that booking Staged Photography will require a little more room than a photo booth. Most booths can take up a small space in the corner of your venue, while a Staged Photography takes up quite a bit more space than that. But here’s the thing, you won’t mind because you want people to notice this amazing form of entertainment. You want people to have an incredible photo taken against the backdrop that you have chosen for your event!

Yes, the backdrops. The backdrops are what this is all about. The shark is the one we have put on display at the top of this post but look at some of the photos on this page. You can pretend you’re in a horror movie, a Venetian ball, a rainforest. Pretty much any photo is possible with these backdrops. All you have to do is book Staged Photography, state the background you’d love to see on your photo and… That’s it. Come the day of your event, the incredibly immersive – “Is it 3D?” - backdrop will be unfurled and you’ll be stunned at the realism. Even more so when you join the picture later on!

As with all good photo booths, there are themed props a plenty for your guests to enjoy. What will you go for? Fur, a fake chainsaw (emphasis on the fake!) and perhaps a pipe; other props are of course available. But what if you want a backdrop that isn’t available? There are forty that you can choose from – yes, forty! – but if you want something specific, a bespoke creation is more than possible.

With professional lighting included and more props front and centre to make the whole image pop off the page, we really can’t see any reason that you wouldn’t book Staged Photography for an event. Just like a photo booth, photos are available almost immediately so you can take your home your entertaining snap for use however you please. Want it digitally? That’s not a problem either! A truly brilliant form of entertainment, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below if you’d like to know more.



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By Henry Fosdike