Why You Should Book Luna for your Event

May 13, 2019

Why should you book Luna for an event? We often put forward entertainment suggestions that we feel fit the venue, the theme or the mood that a client will be going for. In this blog, we will attempt to explain just why we think Luna is an excellent choice of entertainment for your next corporate event, private party or wedding.

Luna is a somewhat unique act in that it offers all of the style and grace of aerial hoop without any of the difficulties in setting up the structure for the performance. Ordinarily, an aerial performer will have to check with the venue that their setup is okay and that it is possible to hang from their ceiling; no small feat in some older venues up and down the country – nobody wants their celebration to be over when things don’t go according to plan.

With Luna there is no such problem; the act is self-contained with the hoop appearing a top a free standing rotating pole (it looks similar to the goals in a game of Quidditch!). As such, it is extremely portable with the plinth on which it appears able to move freely about a venue, meaning that it is totally up to you where the circus performance takes place. With a traditional aerial hoop performance, event planners are often forced to have the display in an area of the building where aerial rigging is able to be set up.

 Although the act is undoubtedly categorised as circus, it has been devised from the ground up to blend circus with dance to create something truly elegant and inspired. As such, the performance need not limit itself to just one acrobat with an assortment of ballet dancers also available to create a larger spectacle if required.

Able to be performed as a beautiful background ambient performance of three fifteen minutes sets or as a choreographed piece that lasts five minutes, the options are suitable for corporate and private events from awards ceremonies through to weddings and birthday celebrations. With advance warning, the performer is able to deliver the act to almost any song, whilst the circular hoop can be swapped out for a crescent moon shape if required.

Luna is a true marvel of an act that looks just as good in photographs as it does in person and we have recently booked it at venues including The Wallace Collection and the Sky Garden.

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By Henry Fosdike