Why You Should Book an Icebreaker for your Event

August 21, 2018

When it comes to booking entertainment for an event, it’s often difficult to know exactly what to go for. We have experience booking entertainment for a host of different events so naturally have expertise in this area and for corporate events, we believe we have found the perfect act. Step forward the Icebreaker!

Many entertainment acts bill themselves as icebreakers but few actually call their act ‘The Icebreaker’. To do so shows a certain confidence and a belief in their skill and that’s exactly what Leigh provides. Although he does a lot of magic tricks (he is even a member of The Magic Circle) and tells a lot of fantastic jokes, he is not a magician and is not a comedian. Okay, he is those things but he is so much more than that as well. How so? Allow us to tell you!

With Leigh it’s all about his patter and his memory. An icebreaker has to put people at ease instantly and be able to go from group to group with no hesitation at all. Yes, you get that with a magician but can a magician also memorise the name and occupation of each and every individual in the room? That’s exactly what you get when you book Leigh the Icebreaker.

“Julie,” he’ll say during his routine, “Meet Mark! You two should definitely talk.” A man that Leigh man an hour ago will turn around and promptly join the conversation and the two will discover, much to their surprise that they work in areas that could be mutually beneficial for them both. His work done, Leigh moves on…

That was just an example but you can see just how useful booking an Icebreaker might be for a networking event or conference. People don’t like networking, many struggle at the exact skill in which Leigh excels and it’s good to let him do the hard work for you. Looking to make a friend? So is Adam! Requiring a salesman for a future job? Sally is looking for precisely that opportunity! There really is no end to Leigh’s abilities when it comes to breaking the ice at events and ensuring everybody goes home happy.

Yes, the magic is excellent (we can attest to that; Leigh’s audition was one of the best we’ve seen in a while) and yes, the jokes are funny but in terms of breaking the ice, there is nobody better. You might be looking for an icebreaker at a wedding and that too is an excellent idea. Corporate, private, or any event at all where it would be useful for people to be brought together quickly… Leigh the Icebreaker is your man.

If you are looking to book a magician or book a comedian then hold that thought and see if you might like to book an Icebreaker instead. You’ll be glad you did.

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By Henry Fosdike