Why You Should Book a Magician to Host an Event

September 23, 2019

When it comes to booking an event, there is often a lot of thought that goes into the venue, the catering, the flowers and the entertainment but amazingly a host for the entire party is often the last thing considered! When it comes to an awards show this is a huge faux pas, so let’s take a look at why we think you should book a magician to host an event.

1.       They love people

Some struggle when it comes to talking to a vast crowd. Many television presenters only ever have to speak to camera and won’t be too familiar with talking to hundreds of guests in one go. A magician has none of that problem considering they are almost always going to be ‘a people person’; they love performing tricks to small groups of people at a time and many may be comfortable with more than that... Which brings us to our next point.

2.       They love working from the stage

We most often book a magician for close-up magic, where they can stroll about the room and perform to small pockets of people at a time. But most magicians and mentalists will also be able to offer a stage show that lasts from fifteen minutes through to an hour, so they are more than comfortable talking to a room and their charisma will ensure a fabulous evening!

3.      They keep things interactive

Unless you are nominated for an award, awards ceremonies can be incredible dull affairs. Even when you are nominated they can be a bit of a drag to get through. There’s the introductions, the speeches, the posing for photos… And they go on for so long! It’s no wonder that clients tend to break them up with a bit of live entertainment! Thankfully magicians love keeping things interactive so they may be able to break up the show as they go by involving everybody in the room in a trick. This is exactly what Ben Hanlin did when he hosted the National Venue Awards.

4.    They are funny

Magicians are born entertainers, adept at making sure that people are having a good time. We have all seen a good magic trick but without the patter, a magician is nothing. A great magician will be able to offer numerous jokes and one-liners that have everybody in the room in fits of laughter, and it is these funny bones that ensure everybody will have a good time at your awards ceremony.

5.       You get two for one

Ordinarily when you book an awards host or presenter for an event, you get a solid option that ensures a well-run show but not any more than that. Afterwards you’ll still have to book some more entertainment on top of that as we all know the event doesn’t end after the awards show. With a magician, you get two for one; not only can they host the ceremony but they can also do some close-up magic with guests as they arrive (if you so desire) and then do a full stage show afterwards. An all-encompassing marvel!

If you book Lewis the magician, you can even have some singing as well – as recently seen at County Hall.

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By Henry Fosdike