Why You Should Book a Cartoonist for a Conference

July 17, 2018

We often enjoy finding unique entertainment acts for events and in the past few weeks we have been absolutely delighted to discover the excellent Robert Duncan, who draws cartoons at conferences across the UK. Why should you book a cartoonistfor a conference? Read on to find out why!

When it comes to booking entertainment for a conference, there are a whole raft of options available to event organisers. Naturally the speakers and host for the day will have to be worked out far in advance but as far as everything else goes, there is quite a lot of leeway as far as the rest of the conference goes.

 Many clients for conferences like to book entertainment for when guests arrive or to break up the day. Sometimes they will book an interactive form of entertainment like Boom Whackers (everybody makes music together) or CSI (solve a crime!) to enhance teamwork amongst the conference attendees or perhaps book a strolling act – a magician or caricaturist to keep things light and fun. Today though, we thought we would offer up a unique form of entertainment that has proven to be a hit at innumerable conferences and corporate days.

You can book Robert Duncan the cartoonist to bring a completely new form of entertainment to your event. Sitting in a corner for the day, Robert will pay close attention to the goings on at the conference and draw up to 25(!) cartoons that sum up the occasion. From topical moments where things might go wrong to key phrases that encompass a particular speaker, there is a lot to enjoy and the best bit is, you can put a camera on Robert throughout, ensuring that everybody sees his sketches as and when he comes up with them.

  And we haven’t even got to the best bit! Once the conference is over and everybody has gone home, the conference organisers or company responsible for putting on the event get to keep the original drawings to frame in offices and Robert will digitally scan each and every one when he draws them, with his clients able to use their drawings for whatever reason they see fit from that moment on. Want to use them in an advert? Go ahead. Looking to utilise a particular drawing on the front of a widely-seen brochure? No problem. They are yours to use in perpetuity.

A truly excellent and different choice for conferences and corporate events, we highly recommend booking Robert Duncan for your next event.



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By Henry Fosdike