Why You Need to Read the Ram Album Club

June 14, 2016

We here at Sternberg Clarke love entertainment in all its forms. We appreciate entertainment so much that we enjoy providing it to people across the country and beyond. Live music, circus and dance acts (to name but a few) have all been provided for a multitude of clients over the past 25 years. From famous celebs hiring entertainment for their weddings to a small country village for a 70th birthday, we adore providing entertainment and love hearing others enjoy it too. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the Ram Album Club today, a blog that truly encompasses all that is brilliant about hearing music for the first time.

The blog itself is a small one that has been growing slowly over the past year or so. The premise is simple; Ruth and Martin (the ‘Ram’ of the title) invite someone to give their thoughts on a critically acclaimed album they’ve never listened to before. Who are they? Why haven’t they listened to it? Most importantly of all, what did they think after listening to it at least three times? It’s such a simple but wonderful setup that we wonder why nobody has ever done it before.

Now you might be thinking, “I haven’t heard of this so presumably the quality of guests isn’t great,” but you’d be wrong! Tim Farron, leader of the Lib Dems, waxed lyrical about his experience with N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton, whilst most recently radio presenter and TV personality Anita Rani gave her thoughts on The Best Album Ever (my own incredibly biased opinion). These are not simply celebs of the moment but people with a bit of nous themselves. If someone features on Ram Album Club, you won’t just want to discover more about the music but also the person themselves. Who are they and what makes them tick? It's fascinating to uncover the musical tastes of various journalists and writers and proves they don't have to be a world famous name to keep things interesting. It's rather unique when you consider quite how celeb driven every entertainment idea appears to have become.

 We love everything we’ve just explained but that’s not even the best bit! Hearing people’s thoughts on finally getting round to hearing a cult album, one that no doubt has been praised for years, perhaps even decades, is so inviting and is probably what will get you interested, but it’s the incredible information provided about the album and artist before the guest gives their thoughts that will keep you on the page. Reading about Meat Loaf, you discover that he drove a government official to the hospital after JFK had been shot in Dallas and how he performed some of Bat Out of Hell live in front of a record exec rather than provide a demo. Reading about The Jam, you discover they split up before Paul Weller was 23.  There’s more than seventy editions released so far so you’re sure to learn something even if you’re the biggest music buff.

Most people first discover a love of music in their teenage years; it’s when you tend to pick your ‘favourite album of all time' out of five to ten that shape who you come to be over the next ten years or so. After this, you tend to back out of buying the magazines, seeing every band who come to town (wonder where my prized ticket for The Ordinary Boys at the BIC has gone?) and actually knowing songs by any of the Top 40. Reading Ram Album Club though, you’ll be transported right back to those teenage years and the excitement of a new discovery. So grab a cup of tea, clear your schedule and enjoy.

Feel free to check out the Ram Album Club archive here.  



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By Henry Fosdike