Why Strolling Entertainment is Perfect for Your Event

September 17, 2018

We don’t know what you’re planning but we do know that if you are looking for entertainment for an event or party, be it corporate or private, that strolling entertainment may well enhance your event far beyond what you first envisaged.

When people first think of hiring event entertainment, they normally think of having a band at the end of the room, blasting out a variety of hits from the 60s to the 80s. If a band isn’t in the budget, then perhaps a DJ, who will remain static as they whirl through a selection of pop hits. Don’t get us wrong, there are some fine bands and fab DJs out there – we work with some brilliant ones – but not many people seem to appreciate how fantastic strolling entertainment can be.

From acoustic bands like Wandering Hands to strolling classical duos like Wing, there is certainly something for everyone and isn’t it a shame when certain people can’t get involved through no fault of their own? In this instance, the music comes to them! We’ve had huge amounts of feedback over the years, all remarking how superb ‘the strolling entertainment’ was. It ensures that nobody misses out and everybody gets seen. And there’s more than just music!

Caricaturists can ensure that a good number of guests will walk away with a memento from your day, whilst silhouette artists have to be seen to be believed. They literally walk around the party with some tiny scissors and black card, before snipping this way and that way for just a few minutes. Before you know it, there’s an incredible likeness of yourself suitable for framing. Amazing!

We have the more expected things too (when people hire a magician in London, they tend to want a strolling card or iPad magician rather than a stage show), but then the completely out there stuff can really get people talking! Living Topiary are human shaped hedges who can cheer up even the most depressed soul, whilst the Mirror Man is perfect for those who have gone for a party atmosphere or an evening do.

In this social media age, everybody always wants to be taking pictures and sharing things over TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Are you more likely to get people doing that and chatting at how amazing the entertainment is with a function band in the corner or with acrochaps effortlessly lifting one of your colleagues into the air and posing for the snap? Exactly.

We firmly believe that entertainment should be at the centre of your event and can be a fabulous idea for enhancing any occasion. Be it weddings – where the entertainment can form the icebreaker – or any other function at all, hiring strolling entertainment is well worth doing. “Did you see--?” “No, but did you see--?” “No!” The conversations you’ll hear will show that everyone will have a unique experience and nobody will want to wait for your next event or party.

So next time you’re thinking about a band and hey, they are perfect for certain events, why not add in a little strolling entertainment whilst you’re at it? 




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By Henry Fosdike