Which Acts Feature in our Category Headers?

December 13, 2016

It’s a question we occasionally receive from clients and event professionals – “Who is the act sitting in the chair on your magicians page?” or “Who’s the singer in your music category?” In an effort to both help out our stupidly busy bookers and helping out you with your enquiry, this blog is here to help reveal just which of the entertainment acts are lucky enough to sit at the top of one of our pages. Without further ado, let’s begin.

We Know Magic - Oli

 The magician doing extremely impressive things with a deck of cards whilst sitting in a very nice leather chair is none other than Oli, a magician to hire for all occasions! Be it a wedding reception where you require him to break the ice or a corporate dinner to celebrate the end of the year, you can rest assured that you are in fine hands with Oli at the helm. He is a master of magic tricks both old and new, able to shuffler, flourish, vanish and many other things beside. The types of magic tricks he can provide vary considerably – just look at his main profile page! He has fire coming out of his hands. If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will!

We Know Music - Jess

 “Who is the captivating blonde lady in your music section? Which act does she belong to?” A good question and one that comes with three possible answers! The lady in question is Jess and her solo vocals page is here. But that isn’t all! You see Jess is supremely talented and is also available in a number of other incarnations. If you’re looking for a musical duo to hire then One Plus One is a lovely vocals and guitar duo whilst Berry Jazz is a must book for your Christmas party! Providing an eclectic range of seasonal songs, you’ll be feeling incredibly festive by home time!

We Know Comedy - Anil Desai

 When it comes to hiring a comedian for an event, there are a whole host of options that you can go for with a huge difference in price. If you’re wanting somebody incredibly famous then they may cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Somebody who is popular on the comedy circuit but might not yet have been spotted by television comedy producers may only be a few hundred. With this in mind, we put somebody in our header whom we believe is worthy of having his name up in lights on some of the biggest stages around the country but who might not be on your radar. The man behind our comedy header is Anil Desai and if you like impressions, high energy and a likeable persona then he is a fabulous choice. His full act page can be found here.

We Know Circus- Flagman

 Upon discovering the Sternberg Clarke circus page, you might think that we’ve simply rotated an image of a man at the gym. Not so! That really is a perform holding on to a vertical pole and remaining dead straight as he does so. The man in question is Flagman and he performs his incredible feats of strength throughout Europe. Not only has he featured at entertainment event venues around the world, he has also appeared on The Ellen Show and has his name in the Guinness Book of Records. Not bad!

We Know Awards Hosts & Presenters - Alun Cochrane

 If you’re looking for a brilliant awards host or presenter for your event then we can think of nothing better than a comedian. Sure, you could hire a presenter off the telly and they’ll probably be entertaining, but there is nothing more fun than having an accomplished comedian at your awards dinner who can keep the event light hearted even as many people are left disappointed by the results. There’s a reason the biggest awards shows in the world always go for a comedian! Alun Cochrane is the man we highlight on this page and we highly recommend checking him out on YouTube.

We Know More - The Glitter Belles

 Providing a glitzy end to our website and this blog, The Glitter Belles are the fun loving act on our More page. Covered head to toe (and further still as they are on stilts!) in sparkling silver, the Glitter Belles are the perfect choice if you’re looking to have some attention thrown your way! A superb choice a product launch or private party, the Glitter Belles always result in smiles and laughter in equal measure and it’s easy to see why!

For more information on any of the acts mentioned in this blog, please do get in touch using the contact details below. Incidentally, the acts featuring on the ‘Christmas’ and ‘Costumes’ pages are ballet dancers and a peacock costume respectively!  



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By Henry Fosdike