What Does a Toastmaster Do at a Wedding? - Wedding Wednesday

July 04, 2018

As anybody who has ever attended a wedding will know, they can be stressful affairs. Celebratory occasions yes, but there are a whole host of timings to abide by from arriving at the venue right through to the final minute of the evening. With this in mind, some prefer to book a toastmaster to worry about the day for them, to make sure everything is just so and ensure that your wedding day really is the best day of your life.

No matter whether a big or a small celebration, a toastmaster can be a fabulous booking at a wedding and that’s simply because they know exactly where and when everything will be happening, all whilst taking a traditional role of calling out proceedings as and when they occur. So what does a toastmaster do at a wedding? Take a big breath… Ready? Okay here we go:

A toastmaster will ensure that the wedding venue is ready, greet guests as they arrive, organise the photographs, direct guests as required, announce the wedding breakfast, orchestrate the moments that nobody wants to miss (cutting the cake, first dance, etc.), introduce the speakersand take on each and every duty that will help everybody else to enjoy this most special of days. For the bridge and groom, it will be a stress-free day and ultimately, that is the finest way to enjoy your own wedding!

An experienced toastmaster will sit down with you weeks in advance to make sure that everything is perfect. Even so, things can occasionally run awry on the day and they can therefore step in if things aren’t quite going as planned – allowing more time for photographs, noticing that the food is taking longer to prepare than expected – and will ensure that all being well, nobody will ever notice that the day was very briefly going ‘off-plan’. In a sense, a good toastmaster are the eyes and ears of the bride and groom on a day when they can’t be expected to be everywhere at once!

Speaking of that last sentence, many might feel they have no need to book a toastmaster because everything a toastmaster does could be done by an usher or best man already in attendance. This is possible but whereas many of the groomsmen are required to be with the groom ahead of the ceremony, that would leave nobody to greet guests or check on the venue. The ushers and everybody else involved in the day want to have a good time themselves so it wouldn’t be fair on them to take away from the proceedings.

In summation, if you are wanting a wedding that runs to plan and on the hunt for an entertaining master of ceremonies to guide you through proceedings, a toastmaster is an excellent idea, especially considering that you can often book a toastmaster for less than the price of the wedding cake!

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By Henry Fosdike