What are Production Costs? A Few Frequently Asked Questions

February 19, 2019



As London's leading supplier of Entertainment to the events industry, we always try to be open when it comes to pricing. But when we quote for event entertainment clients occasionally ask what we mean when we quote a price + Production. So in an effort to make things as clear as possible we thought we'd explain what we mean when we discuss Production Costs.

What are Production Costs?

The term Production might seem a little vague if you haven't had experience booking entertainment for events, so it's understandable to want to ask questions. In reality, it's pretty simple. When it comes to entertainment - Production refers to lighting, sound equipment and staging additional to the basic equipment that an act supplies for their performance.

Which Acts Require Production?

Any performance that uses sound or lighting can require production. Production is usually an issue when booking bands for corporate events or weddings but it's also a consideration when booking acts that require a backing track (such as dancers, solo musicians and some circus performers) or even acts where the performer is speaking - for instance a magic show on stage.  

If we take a 5 piece Function Band as an example, they will require amplification suitable for the size of the venue and number of guests in the audience, they may require a sound technician to ensure the band are sounding their best (leaving them to get on with the performance.) Additionally, a band may need a stage depending on the venue/event as well as lighting for the performance area and the dance floor to create the full 'concert experience' that many clients are looking for when they book a live band.

Isn't this included in the act's fee?

Some bands are able to provide basic sound equipment suitable for up to around 150 people, a few even provide their own lighting, though once again this won't be anything too complicated - it's normally basic kit for lighting a dance floor.  Provided that this equipment is suitable for the event, the production costs will be covered in the performers' fee. But for larger events or acts that don't supply any of their own production - we would need to give a separate quote for production costs.

We already have a production company booked for the event!

If production has already been arranged for an event, it's useful for us to get in touch with the production team in question to discuss the production requirements for the act. If no additional production is required, once again we would not need to quote for production costs.

Is there a flat cost for production that can apply to all bands?

The cost of production varies depending on a number of factors. For starters, the size of the band and the audience is reflected in the cost of production. The venue is another consideration as the difficulty of parking, getting into a venue and setting up factors into the cost. Timing also needs to be considered; taking into account the time at which the equipment needs to be set up, the length of time the production team needs to be on site and the time at which equipment needs to be removed.

So as you can see, because the prices of production can vary greatly (or in some cases, not even apply at all) we quote prices + Production rather than incorporating it into the full price of the act. 

For more info on any of our acts or to ask any further questions - get in touch through our contact section