Wellington Arch Promo Event: Wandering Hands and Strolling Sax

June 01, 2012



You know you've made it as a landmark when you're featured in establishing shots on TV or Movies. When a film wants to show that the action has moved to Paris; Eiffel Tower, Arc Du Triumph, Man Holding Baguette with a string of Onions around his neck. When it comes to showing London, there are plenty to choose from, but alongside Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, Wellington Arch usually features in there somewhere.

 Built to commemorate Britain's victories in the Napoleonic War, the Arch has become one of the most recognisable features of London's Hyde Park. A few weeks ago, Wellington Arch reopened to the public with a new event space 'The Quadringa Gallery'; its sweeping views over London coupled with offering a chance to see inside one of the capitol's most famous structures is sure to make The Wellington Arch a hotly sought after events venue for the foreseeable future. The event was an opportunity to show off the caterers, suppliers and entertainment - courtesy of Sternberg Clarke - that guests will be able to enjoy at events in the coming months.

 First up was our 'Triga' (eh!) of strolling acoustic musicians 'Wandering Hands' who  pulled behind them a veritable chariot of playful cover versions for guests in the gallery. Elsewhere, Strolling saxophonist Tamar performed to guests on the balcony as they enjoyed drinks and canapés. The space at Wellington Arch offers plenty of opportunity for intimate strolling acts and plenty of performers will be clamoring for the chance to perform on the balcony overlooking London's Royal Parks.

 For more information on booking entertainment for events at Wellington Arch, get in touch via our contact page.