Wedding Wednesday - Strolling Entertainment Ideas

May 04, 2016

The thing about a wedding is that most people are on the move an awful lot of the time. The bride is the last one to get to the church, everybody has to head somewhere for the post-ceremony drinks and reception dinner, whilst the evening reception is almost certainly going to be somewhere else after that. There’s normally three or four wedding venues used throughout the day and unfortunately, sound limiters in each. So here is our solution: strolling entertainment!

Strolling entertainment, otherwise known as wandering entertainment or (simply) ‘entertainment that moves’, is an easily transportable form of entertainment where you can sit or stand where you like because the entertainment comes to you! What could be better than that? You don’t have to worry about missing the band or the elaborate stage show because they are impossible to miss! Simply put, that is the beauty of this style of wedding entertainment!

You may be thinking that strolling entertainment will be more expensive, but strolling acts and bands are often a comparable price and thanks to the lack of a PA (many acts are acoustic), you may very well end up saving money! When it comes to weddings and wedding costs, we know that’s no small thing! Speaking of which, here are six fabulous ideas for strolling entertainment.

Wandering Hands

Perhaps the face of strolling entertainment in London, Wandering Hands are so popular that they’re already taking bookings into late 2017! Just two weeks ago, they were hired for all of ten minutes for  a magical proposal and are without a doubt the most popular act on our roster. They’ve played at Kensington Palace, every museum you can mention and even various awards shows and television programmes so you can rest assured this is the professional outfit you’re after! Your mum will love them, your grandma will love them and you will love them as they serenade you through a vibrant repertoire of various pop hits and classic songs.

Living Topiary

You might not think about a silent entertainment act for your wedding – what’s the point in that? – but in terms of an ice breaker for various guests to get talking, they don’t get much better than this. Living Topiary are human hedges who interact with guests, pose for photographs and ensure that everybody has a smile on their face, no matter what the weather! We’ve flown them to Vegas, they’ve partied with Wimbledon tennis stars and their next event may just be your wedding. How’s that for a Big Day booking?


We’ve done a whole blog on the different types of caricaturist that you can hire for your wedding (digital, cut, painted, sewed!) that it seems pointless to go into the brilliance of them here as we go into far more depth over there. Have a read! That being said, if you want some mementos of your big day for both you and your guests, then we think you can’t get much better than caricature. This is the form of entertainment to provide laughs, memories and is a fantastic idea whilst people are waiting for the photographer to complete the wedding photos. The video from above shows just how quickly a likeness can be created!


graphologist is a fascinating and remarkable entertainment act to get people talking around the dinner table(s) and can provide a unique insight into who you and your guests are as people. An extremely skilled graphologist can identify your mood as well as who might be a perfect match, all from your scrawled sentences! If you want to play matchmaker at your very own wedding, and don’t just want to throw a bouquet, then a graphologist is a wonderful idea for strolling entertainment!


vaudevillian performer is just perfect for entertaining the wedding party throughout the day and can move from table to table and perform a huge variety of tricks to wide eyed astonishment. Be it rings spinning around every limb, miraculously hanging spoons from their face or maybe even plain old juggling, wonderful performers include Ian and Lucas. With the latter, he’ll arrive even more quickly at your desk than most entertainment acts; he’s also a trained unicyclist. Incredible!


What can be more well-liked than a magician. When it comes to hiring a magician, you instinctively know what you are going to get. With a flourish and masterful sleight of hand, our magicians are extremely popular thanks to their easygoing personalities and ability to bring together a number of people for each trick. Whether it be a signed card or the disappearance of a coin, they will certainly go down well on your wedding day. 

And remember, if nothing on this list takes your fancy, there are many, many more entertainment acts both on and offline! Just get in contact using the details below. 

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