Wedding Wednesday - Spring Wedding Entertainment Ideas

March 16, 2016

Now you might be thinking that Spring officially begins on March 21st. This may be true but we’ve seen the local florist selling daffodils for the past couple of weeks,a recent TimeOut issues said ‘Hello Spring’ on the front cover and frankly, between you and I, we’re just about done with the freezing months that were January and February, so now’s the time to get positive! And what better way to do that than by celebrating the fact your wedding is in Spring! It’s almost here and you might not have sorted out hiring wedding entertainment. That’s what we’re here for. Here are a few ideas for the perfect Spring wedding.

Living Topiary

 Living Topiary are possible the most adorable act we have on our roster. A couple of humans enshrined in leaves sounds like something out of a horror movie but, well, just look at them! Human hedges! Aren’t they just the cutest? (Answer: Yes.) Living Topiary have been hired all around the world – we sent them to Las Vegas last year – and they are probably one of my own personal favourite acts. To see what they are like at a wedding, check out these photos!

Wandering Hands

 Well, it couldn’t very well be a blogged themed around Spring wedding ideas without mentioning our most popular act, could it? Hell, they were mentioned just last week in our previous Wedding Wednesday blog! This colourful acoustic trio meander through your wedding guests allowing your wedding party to pick the song they want to hear. Perfect for weddings, Wandering Hands are sure to impress on your wedding day!


A stalwart of summer wedding ideas, there is no reason why Carousel wouldn’t be a perfect fit post-wedding vows in March, April and May either; it combines beautiful dance moves with fabulous acrobatics, all on a gorgeous floral plinth. Those behind this wonderfully pretty act specialise in providing a stunning routine that will wow your wedding guests. The structure is free standing and able to be erected both inside and outside, meaning it can be performed at literally any wedding venue.

Festival Foxes

 You only have to look at Festival Foxes to know that this is a group of musicians perfect for your Spring wedding. An all female function band, they provide a live set of dancefloor fillers in a Mumford and Sons style. Super stylish and perfect both outside and in, they are sure to be a hit on your wedding day. The best bit? You can hire them for their festival set with double bass and guitars before asking for an up tempo electric version for the reception later on! Fantastic.

Morris Dancers

 No, wait, come back! What could be more British that a Morris Dancers dancing troupe at your wedding? An incredibly traditional form of dance, Morris Dancers have been synonymous with May Day for centuries, meaning they’d be right up there with Daffodils and Easter if you had to name words associated with Spring on Family Fortunes. They may be a tad cheesy but they’re perfect for a village wedding and they may even let the bridge and groom have a go!


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By Henry Fosdike