Wedding Wednesday - Kiloran & Charlie

July 20, 2016

We love Wedding Wednesday and the best part about it is when we get to chat to those who have recently been married and can report back on what a wonderful day it was. If you're busy planning your wedding then certainly read these blogs to give you some inspiration!

Today we are chatting to Kiloran about her wedding to Charlie...

How old were you when you got engaged and how did it happen?

We were 27 & 28 when we got engaged. The engagement happened in August 2015 on a beautiful beach on the Isle of Mull, close to where I grew up and a place I have a strong connection with. The weather was suitably Scottish, however this did not dampen (excuse the pun) the moment one bit!

How long was it between getting engaged and your wedding day?

There were roughly 10 months between our engagement and the wedding day. Although it came around very quickly!

 What were you looking for in a venue?

Beautiful scenery and a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Where did you get married and why did you choose that location?

We got married on the Isle of Ulva which is a small island on the west coast of Scotland just to the west of the larger Isle of Mull, making it an Island off an island, off an island! Ulva is where I grew up and my family lives. It is the most beautiful, wild, untouched part of Scotland if not the UK. (Not being biased or anything :)

 Was the weather good?!

Getting married on the West Coast of Scotland is always a risk as on some days you can experience all types of weather within 24 hours! Incredibly the weather was just perfect. The week running up to the wedding was sunny with the odd shower, then on the day we were blessed with brilliant blue skies and beautiful sunshine. Being in the north of Scotland it doesn’t get dark until about 11pm which made the day feel that little bit longer.

Did you plan the wedding equally/who took control?

The majority of the planning was done by myself as it was taking place at my home. As it was on an island with no public transport, no tarmac roads and just a small open ferry to get across, it was a bit of a logistical nightmare! However Charlie was always there to pick anything up that needed sorting and supporting me with various decisions.

What most surprised you about wedding planning?

That however much pre-planning you do, the majority all happens the days leading up the wedding. The other thing that surprised me, but really it shouldn’t have, was just how willing friends and family were to get involved and help, which really did make the whole process much easier and it was great to have shared the experience with loved ones.

What did you wear? Can you remember how much the dress cost? 

I wore a beautiful simple Charlie Brear one of sample dress, with a vintage silk, beaded jacket on top. The dress cost around £2,000 including alteration costs.

 What entertainment did you have at your wedding?

I was piped into the church by my aunts’ partner who is a professional piper from the Isle of Lismore, then during the ceremony and signing, we had a local harpist play. We were then piped out the church as husband and wife!

For the reception my aunt and her partner very generously paid for us to have a fantastic Ceilidh band called Heron Valley. They really got everyone up on their feet and joining in with the Scottish reeling. Nearly half the guests had never reeled before so it was great to see everyone getting involved.

My uncle very kindly offered to do fireworks as he has experience in this department, but the only slight problem we had as mentioned before, it doesn’t get dark until 11/12pm and he was keen to have a few drinks! Therefore we had them around 10.30pm and although it was still quite light, the fireworks looked great against a deep blue dusk sky.

What was your favourite part of your wedding? Were there any inspired original ideas?

There were so many memorable parts of the wedding but moments that really stand out are seeing everyone sitting outside in the garden enjoying a place that I hold so close to my heart. On top of this my gorgeous niece was born just 10 days before, so having her there with my brother and his girlfriend really just topped off the occasion. I will stop there as I could list a hundred other moments that I will remember forever!

All in all, it was a day full of love and laughter shared with those most special to us, which puts a smile on my face every time I think of that day.

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By Henry Fosdike