Wedding Wednesday - Grandmothers as Flower Girls

July 18, 2018

For today’s wedding Wednesday we look to the news! It’s fair to say that world news hasn’t been the most enjoyable to read this year, so in an effort to provide some more uplifting tales from around the world, here is a lovely one that we think you’ll enjoy… And who knows, you may replicate it when you get round to planning your very own wedding day!

When planning a wedding, many people don’t start with the venue or even the entertainment (I know, we’re shocked too), but tend to begin with making the guest list. Who gets a plus one? Should you invite your second cousin? Or that friend of a friend who invited you to his stag do that one time? All a difficult moral quandary but one thing that is certain is that you’ll both want your families in attendance. Mothers, father and grandparents as well. When it comes to picking roles for them, siblings tend to be put to use as bridesmaids and ushers but grandparents… Well grandparents all too often get left out of having to perform any official duties.

That’s partly why we love this story so much! Bride Maggie Wakefield and her fiancé Josh wanted to find a special way to thank the part that their grandmothers had played in their lives. Rather than have a small group of young girls hold the honour of being their flower girls, they instead chose 75-year-old grandmother Joyce and 74-year-old grandmother Drue to sprinkle rose petals down the aisle at their wedding ceremony in Gap, Pennsylvania.

That wasn’t the only way that Maggie and Josh celebrated their grandparents either; with the bride’s having died before the ceremony, it was grandfather Ronald that got to do the honours, walking his granddaughter down the aisle. In the photo seen above, you can see Joyce and Drue conducting their duties beautifully, both wearing matching gowns that they themselves picked out together!

A wonderful story and hopefully it gives you a little bit of wedding inspiration.

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Photo by Ashley Elizabeth Photography



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By Henry Fosdike