Wedding Wednesday - Fun with Food

February 10, 2016

We’ve all been to a wedding. Heck, a fair few of us are probably looking ahead to our summer diary already and are mentally reminding ourselves to book a hotel for that weekend away in Norfolk come June. And that one in Edinburgh in July. Oh and that one in Dublin over the August bank holiday. Yep, weddings are everywhere and when we think of weddings, we’re almost always thinking about the catering. Will there be a free bar? We don’t know the answer to that one but we can suggest a never ending chocolate tap. Sound good? Read on…

Food Tricycle

 There are so many food tricycles out there, it’s hard to know where to look! You can have a cheese one, a chocolate one, an ice cream one…and so on and so forth. Cute and traditional entertainment rarely combine so effectively but with these wonderful tricycles, you can’t go far wrong. Bursting with imagination and creativity, your grandma will be delighted when she pops over to one for her strawberries and cream after the wedding vows. Perfect! Oh and if you’re a Pimms fan then you’re in luck – we have one of those too!

Never Ending Chocolate Tap

 Remember when chocolate fountains were all the rage? Edible entertainment seemed to have reached its pinnacle until the never ending chocolate tap was invented. In case you’re confused about what that means, it’s actually extremely simple. There is a tap. It has no way of being turned off. Perfectly tempered chocolate pours from it. It never stops. We think that alone should convince you to have one at your wedding but in case you’re still on the fence, it even comes with optional delicious toppings including biscuit, meringue and cookie pieces. Mmm!

Sci-Fi Candy Floss

 How else can you explain what is going on in this photo? There’s something brilliantly cool about LEDs and a see through candy floss bowl and the result is… Well, this! Affectionately known as the Whizzer by its creator, this dome of sweet tasting goodness utilises an air vortex system that rotates the sugar at 60mph creating a seamless and stunning theatrical food experience. We’re all big kids at heart, so who wouldn’t want this at their wedding reception?

Branded Lollipops

 Now we’re talking! When people think of custom wedding entertainment, they often think of a band singing a song that means something to the happy couple. That’s no bad thing at all – all of our musical acts can do that – but how about branded lollipops? We don’t mean sweets that have had their labels changed to reflect your wedding. We mean literally having your names transplanted onto the chocolate. Wow. White, milk, dark—The choices are up to you. With toppings that include raspberry shortbread, mango and blueberry pie, you’re sure to have a wonderful wedding!

Nitro Ice Cream Parlour

 I mean—Just look at it! It’s like having Willy Wonka attend your wedding and make ice cream right before your eyes. Using liquid nitrogen and lashings of cream, the flavours that come from this parlour will be unlike any you’ve ever tasted. We personally enjoyed wasabi and honey as well as gin and tonic (with a nice cucumber ‘flake’), but we also heard murmurings of a crab ice cream and Viagra sorbet. Probably not required at your wedding – we hope – but certainly very interesting all the same!

This is just the tip of the ice(cream)berg when it comes to combining food and entertainment at your wedding so do get in touch if you're more of a popcorn sort of person, love tasting mist or have something else in mind!

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By Henry Fosdike