Wedding Wednesday - Bride Has Recently Deceased Brother Photoshopped into Wedding Photos

August 31, 2016

Event photography is all about capturing the moment. But for this bride, it was all about capturing a moment that might have been.

When Catherine Carter got married to John Flower in Chippenham in July, it was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Unfortunately, just weeks before the wedding, Catherine’s brother Shaun died in an accident, and Catherine couldn’t bear to have her brother not feature in her wedding photos.

 “I really wanted him to be in my pictures,” she said. As such, Jelly Penguin Graphics set out to do just that, photoshopping Shaun into photos of Catherine and her family. Alongside her mother and step-father, a faint image of Shaun can be seen with his hand on his sister’s shoulder. “Seeing him in the pictures was a miracle, I couldn’t stop crying,” Catherine said, “He was supposed to be there and it looks like he is there – I love them so much.”

Catherine is not the first bride to superimpose a member of her family into her wedding photos. Last year, Anna Thompson wed her long-term partner Travis Thompson, but the wedding photo wasn’t quite complete.  The couple from Georgia, USA had lost their eight-year-old son Lake just six months previously after he’d lost his battle with leukaemia. Although the family were devastated by the loss, the couple knew it was time to honour his long held wish and finally get married.

 The touching tribute not only served as a wonderful reminder of Lake’s fun-loving personality but also captured the family as a whole. Upon seeing the picture for the first time, Anna stated, “I feel like our family was complete, even though he’s not physically here. The light comforted me. We are still a family of five enough though there are only four of us here.”

Also last year, Amanda wed her partner Chip, but wanted to incorporate her deceased daughter Azalee, who had died in 2013 after a two-year battle with cancer. The photo below is both beautiful and heartbreaking with the bride adding, "I needed this photo more than she or anyone could ever know. This is my family. And we will be together again."

 The media interest that has surrounded the stories of Catherine, Anna and Amanda has resulted in many more family members contacting those responsible for the photo editing, with Anna hoping that her photo can raise awareness for the Acute Myeloid Leukaemia that Lake suffered from.

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By Henry Fosdike