Wedding Venue Spotlight: Eltham Palace

October 22, 2011



Many of the venues where we are recommended suppliers of Wedding Entertainment are so-called “blank canvases”; this is often a real selling point for couples who want to stamp their own identity onto a space and create a Wedding theme from the ground up. But, sometimes a venue’s identity can become a part of the Wedding theme without the need for excessive room dressing or decoration. What if all you needed to do was add some finishing and unique touches to create a stunning themed wedding?  Surely, that is every vintage Bride’s dream?!

The Entrance Hall at Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace is a great option if you’re looking for a venue with real character.  The Entrance Hall, which is usually used for ceremonies, is a stunning Art Deco 1930’s circular hall which can hold up to 100 guests for a ceremony. It can also be used in conjunction with The Italian Drawing Room for a drinks reception to hold up to 200 guests.

The Exterior of Eltham Palace

The Italian Drawing Room, Entrance Hall and upstairs rooms were actually an addition to the main building in 1930 and exude elegance and understated beauty.  Due to this, I would always recommend something simple and classic for the ceremony, such as the Corelli string quartet for a drinks reception. And in the winter, it would be a shame to not make the most of the stunning piano available in The Italian Drawing Room, perhaps with a Jazz Pianist or something more classical.

The New Hot Cross Club need more bookings so they can afford a microphone stand who isn't also a violinist.

For a recent summer wedding, one of our clients chose a full Art Deco theme, with the Bride wearing the beautiful Jenny Packham dress ‘Carmen’ and the adult bridesmaids wearing long Grecian black gowns.  They chose to have Corelli perform light classical music during their ceremony, which worked perfectly as the Bride descended elegantly down the staircase into the hall. The guests then moved outside into the beautiful gardens, where our jazz trio ‘New Hot Cross Club’ performed traditional 1930’s jazz in their unique ‘Hot Club’ Style.

We assure you that there's probably a Sternberg Clarke band just out of shot here...

The Great Hall, which is often used for the Wedding Breakfast can hold up to 200 for dinner and is the perfect place for dancing.  Built in the 1470s, The Great Hall has an almost gothic feel, but still fits flawlessly with the elegant Art Deco theme.

Vintage Jazz and Swing Band 78 RPM performing at a Wedding Reception

Our act, 78 rpm were practically made for dancing at Eltham Palace and perform music from the 1920s to 1950s with tremendous style, sophistication and  great rhythm.  The ensemble can contain anything from two to eight musicians, but for dancing we would recommend at least a 5 piece with a male singer.

Pastiche Take to the Stage for a Wedding Reception

The good thing about The Great Hall is that it also lends itself to performances by more modern bands.  At a recent wedding the couple chose to have our fantastic band, Pastiche, who performed as a 7 piece and learnt a number of new pop songs for the first dance and throughout the evening.

And finally, the venue recently had a high profile celebrity endorsement with Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine choosing to film her recent video at the venue. Clearly Florence has impeccable taste.

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 (Venue Photographs Courtesy of Eltham Palace)