Wedding Trends for Autumn - Wedding Wednesday

May 17, 2017

As summer rolls in, many of the weddings for June, July and August are already arranged. With this in mind, we tend to turn our minds to Autumn around this time of year and have noticed a few trends when it comes to entertainment requests!

The first thing to note is that many brides and grooms appear to be requesting a lot more strolling entertainment than in previous years. In truth, this has been rising year on year for at least the past four years, with numerous bookings for acoustic music acts that can roam from place to place – both inside and out – as well as a few more ‘interesting’ acts that many might not immediately think about when planning a wedding. We recently did a blog on why you should hire a silhouette artist for your wedding and this is precisely the reason why! Other top strolling acts to hire include magicians, caricaturists and, if you’re holding a themed wedding, costumed characters!

When it comes to booking roaming music acts, there are a number of possible options. By far our most popular act is Wandering Hands, which comprises of two guitarists and a saxophonist who hand the repertoire to a guest and ask them to pick what they play next. It’s a wonderfully interactive slice of entertainment for any occasion and the sheer joy that the music generates makes it tremendously popular at weddings throughout the year… The band have even helped with a proposal at Heathrow! What a holiday that must have been.

We have also noticed a distinct rise in entertainment requests when it comes to dinner announcements. Rather than simply have a Best Man or Usher direct guests through to another room, we are noticing that not only are acts being utilised for announcements (think ‘drum roll please…’) but are also playing as family and friends move from one room to another. Few expect to see an act like Spark! LED drummers (pictured above) all costumed up and ready to perform upon entering a room for dinner, but these sorts of requests are certainly on the increase. As couples continue to book out a number of rooms across their wedding venue, we can see that this style of entertainment will sustain for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately any entertainment decisions are the choice of the couple and any stats that we assess are purely for interest value only. Let’s be honest, we’d all like a wedding that plays to our own individual tastes so don’t focus too heavily on the trends we’ve laid out above. Although we love strolling entertainment, there are many more possibilities available when it comes to celebrating your wedding day so to have a look at our act directory and see if anything takes your fancy!



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By Henry Fosdike