Wedding Entertainment Ideas for your Drinks Reception

December 09, 2015

When it comes to wedding reception entertainment ideas (and we're talking about the drinks reception here), there’s a number of ways which you can go. Many choose to simply ditch entertainment completely in favour of quiet talking or complete silence as guests struggle to work out just who they should speak to over their glass of Champagne. In order to break the ice, we think that a little wedding entertainment goes a long way and here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Bagpiper (or anything alluding to your heritage!)

 There’s nothing quite like completing the wedding vows and heading to the wedding reception to be met by the sound of bagpipes. Many of the guests may be in kilts anyway so it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate your heritage! Admittedly if neither the groom nor bride are Scottish or Irish, bagpipes may be a truly unusual wedding entertainment idea, but there are many other options. The kora is a gorgeous instrument for those of African heritage, whilst anyone from Leicester could celebrate with some light Dube wedding songs (okay, maybe we aren’t being entirely serious on that one but you get the idea!)

Lookalikes (or the real thing!)

 Some find it very difficult to chat to others at weddings, especially if they haven’t brought along a plus one. Not to worry, a good lookalike is a fantastic way to get wedding guests talking be they playing a celebrity that the bride or groom might fancy or a favourite character from their childhood! Captain Jack Sparrow is sure to give the wedding party ideas when it comes to breaking the ice (rum, anyone?) or you could even go for the real thing! Contestants from the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent aren’t as expensive as you might think and are sure to wow the assembled guests with their musical talents.

Living Topiary (or a puppeteer!)

 Don’t go thinking that these two are just wedding entertainment ideas for kids, because they really aren’t. When you think about it, a wedding is a celebration and all about having fun, so it makes sense that the wedding reception entertainment is fun as well. With that in mind, Living Topiary are the perfect solution for ensuring a good time is had by all. These hedge-shaped people always go down well, whilst a puppet show is an endearing way to tell the story of the couple. It’s bespoke, imaginative and unusual wedding entertainment most guests won’t have seen before.

Fortune Teller (or Tarot Card/Palm Reader)

 Some strolling entertainment at your reception is often a fab way to get people chatting. Moving away from the music acts, there are some wonderfully romantic wedding entertainment ideas that at first might not seem obvious but then make sense when you’re there. One of these is looking into hiring a fortune teller, tarot card or palm reader. A great bit of fun, you never know, they may just see another wedding on the horizon between a couple of your guests!

Magician (or Graphologist)

 If you aren’t too sure about predicting the future of those in your wedding party, ideas don’t come much better than hiring a magician for your big day. As the wedding reception entertainment, magic is sure to bring people together and provides a little relaxation for the Best Man and others ahead of the speeches later on! A graphologist is also an unusual entertainment idea for a wedding but no less compelling. Who doesn’t want to know what their handwriting tells an expert about them!? You never know, the writing might be on the wall for another marriage before too long.

For many more unusual wedding entertainment ideas or if you’re looking for other interesting ideas for your wedding reception, feel free to read our other blogs and ensure that your big day is one to remember for the entire wedding party!




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By Henry Fosdike