Wandering Hands Photo Shoot

August 17, 2012

We’ve made no secret of our love for Wandering Hands; from the first time they wandered into our office and used their hands to play a selection of crowd pleasing pop covers, we were – as one –smitten. Smitten from the moment we witnessed their quirky energy, playful spirit and nice little faces. Yup, we really like Wandering Hands, and from the looks of their diary, you - the event industry - like them just as much. Either that or you’re just booking them to scowl at them. But that doesn’t seem like you, event industry.

 To celebrate their nomination for Best Act at this year’s Event Awards, we decided that they deserved a few promo shots befitting a best act nominee. So we enlisted the help of photographer Layla Smethurst (winner of the NME music photography award) to capture the energy and spirit of the band’s live performances. Channelling classic shots of the Beatles, The Monkeys and other 60s pop bands, the guys seemed to have a whale of a time leaping and pointing and gurning and so on and so forth.

 We’ve just put up a few choice pics here, but for the full shoot, head over to Wandering Hands’ website and, y’know just go a little crazy. Put them on Pinterest, save them as your desktop background, have a picture of them turned into a tattoo that stretches across your whole back. You won’t regret it...You will not regret it. 

If you’d like to book Wandering Hands for an upcoming corporate event or wedding, head to our contact section and get in touch.