Wandering Hands at Kensington Roof Gardens

December 22, 2011


 I have to make it a New Year's Resolution to stop putting up pictures of our Strolling Acoustic Trio Wandering Hands. It's gone a little too far, it's getting in the way of work, it's ruined all of my relationships over the last year. It really needs to stop... ok, just one more before the ball drops, then I'll give it up Cold Wandering Turkey.

Wandering Hands bring new meaning to the term 'Elevator Music'
Our trio of strolling pop minstrels made one last appearance for the year at the always alluring London Party Venue, Kensington Roof Gardens. It was a match made in Corporate Events heaven with the band serenading guests as they rode the elevator up to the events space.

"What Floor, Madam?"
In other Wandering Hands news (I'm really going to stop in January) the band's video from their show-stopping performance at Strictly SW7 is now up on YouTube so now you can put it on a loop and watch it over and over and over again or perhaps hyperlink it into every blog post you write. It's entirely your call.


Check out some more pictures of the band, and savor them, because seriously – this is starting to get a little out of hand... hands... wander-no! No I must be strong.

 Great Pictures like this make it all the more difficult to stop putting great pictures like this up

"Now Sax What I Call Christmas!"... It's been a long year...

OK, so that's my last one. Might be good to just write about strolling saxophonists for a month or so to wean myself of them. For more information on Wandering Hands you're just going to have to get in touch through our Contact Page from now on. Merry Christmas.