Wandering Brands: Our Acoustic Covers Trio perform at the Brand Event Awards

December 05, 2011


 To help get last weeks inaugural Brand Event Awards off to a flying start, we sent along our much talked about exclusive act Wandering Hands to entertain guests in the Underglobe at Shakespeare's Globe to perform their usual mix of high energy cover versions whilst moving around the venue. As we mentioned last week, the Brand Event Awards are intended to reward innovation and creativity in marketing and events; the kind of creativity and innovation that Wandering Hands are positively crammed with and the kind of creativity that should surely have lead to somebody being included in some kind of list of Event Industry Professionals for 2011... if only there were some kind of list like that... There was.   When climbing the slippery slopes of the Event 100, it's important to keep you ICE on the Prize Hohoho
The Event (which was put together with the help of Event Magazine and Marketing Magazine) saw the reveal of 2011's Event 100; the definitive list of the event industry's most influential people and we're please to announce that Adam "We Know Entertainment" Sternberg not only made it onto the list for a third year running, but has also climbed up 4 places to number 45. (He certainly seemed like he was working 4 places harder this year) You can take a look at the full list at Event Magazine here.  I could have gone with Wandering Brands or Swandering Hands for the title... Swan Events and all. Swan at the Globe... you get it.  
Brand Event Award winners included Miss Jones & Co for their Jameson Cult Film Club campaign, Journey9 for Jaguar in the City and Flourish Creative for the Castrol 2010 FIFA World Cup Experience. You can take a look at the full list of winners from the evening right here  as well as this year's shortlist   The Wandering Hands guys utterly ruin an impromptu projection of Masterchef: The Professionals by standing in the way of the screen 
So congratulations to everyone who brought home an award and everyone who made the cut in this year's Event 100 and a big thank you to the team at Magazines both Event and Marketing as well as the evenings hosts Swan Collection who made absolutely sure that the Brand Event Awards will be a fixture in the event industry calendar for years to come. 

I used up all my Shakespeare/Song puns in the last post so these pictures from the event will have to suffice for now. 

Months later we're still finding new and exciting ways to take pictures of the same three guys... Pretty Solid Work.

Some of the beverages that guests were treated to at the Brand Event Awards

There's something of a red theme going on here.

Wandering Hands performing at the Underglobe

Tom (left) inspects his band-mates' "strumming stances' before their big performance" 

For more information on Wandering Hands or any of our acts get in touch through the contact section.