Video: ToneAcity Perform ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ aboard the Silver Sturgeon

August 13, 2012

You might have spotted ToneAcity on one of our recent events posts in which the West End Musical Tribute troupe took the Silver Sturgeon by storm with a ‘Flashmob’ style performance aboard the much in demand events boat. You also might not have spotted that – in which case, good – now you can look at this.

ToneAcity shot to prominence after a successful run on Channel 5’s talent show Don’t Stop Believing and have since made a name for themselves as a ‘real life Glee Club’ in the events industry performing at some of the most prestigious venues around London. But even for an act as talented as ToneAcity, Queen’s sprawling 1975 opus Bohemian Rhapsody poses a serious challenge with cascading vocal harmonies and juddering changes of time signature. Regardless of what you think of Queen, anyone can appreciate the craft that goes into recreating their most famous hit.

 Thankfully, after a few weeks of diligent rehearsal and watching that bit from Wayne’s World over and over again – ToneAcity put on a spectacular show on the steps of the Silver Sturgeon that would have ‘brought the house down’ were the Silver Sturgeon a house rather than a boat, and were the process of ‘bringing a boat down’ not generally called ‘sinking a boat’. The point is, it went down really well.

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