Victorian Christmas Party Ideas

November 01, 2016

There are lots of ways to celebrate Christmas at the end of year office party. Many companies go for a themed occasion deciding that ‘Christmas’ doesn’t suffice. There’s Winter Wonderland, Narnia, Frozen, Nightmare Before Christmas… But you can also strip it back a little bit. Away from the electronic entertainment and acts that require a loud sound system. You can take it all the way back to traditional Christmas party ideas, perhaps highlighting the true values of the holiday. “But how do you do that?” I hear you ask. Well do not worry for that is exactly what this blog is about to tell you…

Costumed Characters

The number one thing you need to do if your employees are going to really feel as though they’ve gone back in time is to hire costumed characters (see above). They don’t have to be famous Victorians but one or two certainly look nice (Charles Dickens for example), whilst others can mingle with the crowds, adding to the atmosphere of the occasion. A Dickensian Christmas is actually another popular theme; why not add Scrooge to the festivities whilst you’re at it?

Christmas Carol Singers

 What Victorian Christmas party is complete without some Christmas carol singers like Hark the Herald, Dukebox Singers or Penny Arcade? The best thing about this form of musical entertainment is that the group can wander about the venue, singing as they go, or you can make their background music a centre piece to the party. “Ding dong merrily on high…” You can almost hear them as we type it, can’t you? Bloomin’ marvellous as Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas would say.

Christmas Brass Band

 In the same sort of territory as Christmas carol singers, a Christmas brass band can provide all the Christmas classics your party requires. They can either stick to strictly Victorian carols or play a few more modern Christmas hits once the drinks start flowing (nobody will notice the change of era once they’ve downed yet another snowball). Perfect for evoking the spirt of Christmas, opting to hire a brass band for your Christmas party always goes down well.

Victorian Performers

 When thinking back to Victorian times, you might find yourself wandering what they managed to do with themselves with no television or films. We know, it’s hard to imagine. Of course, it was the theatre that they loved to visit and no doubt they were entertained by street performers en route. Vaudeville and cabaret acts could be seen both in high end venues as well as out on the streets and we have a number of brilliant performers who can evoke the entertainment of the time including Ian and Lucas!

Parlour Games

With all this wonderful entertainment on display, you might be thinking of wanting to hire interactive entertainment! This doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your Victorian theme and bring in loud noises and bright lights; we’re talking parlour games like quoits. If anyone is successful then they may just win a Christmas present from the company or maybe a little more time off. Go on, be generous, it’s Christmas!

 Oh and don’t forget your Christmas tree. We recommend a living one to scare patrons as they arrive!

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By Henry Fosdike