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March 31, 2015

You can’t beat a good view, can you? Whether it’s of fields that seem to go on forever and ever into the distance or the impressive central London cityscape, there’s nothing quite like losing yourself as you admire the view from your particular location. Many of you probably like to snap a few pictures as well for posterity. To show your friends exactly what they’re missing out on.

Perhaps you may be in need of a venue that you want to hire to wow your guests due to its incredible views of the horizon. Or maybe you just want to sit and daydream at your desk. Whatever the reason, here are seven event locations with gorgeous views over London. 

The Shard

Photo by Francisco Garcia del Val

Well, obviously. It’s the tallest building in all of Western Europe, so it makes sense that it should have a good view. Towering over anything else in London that has ever been imagined, designed and built (just think about that for a second), the view from The Shard is—Well, let’s put it this way. If it’s height you want, then you won’t find anything better.

 Photo by Smuconlaw

Sky Garden

Photo by Diego Delso

It had to be here, didn’t it? Undoubtedly the most exciting venue in London by virtue of its recent opening, the Sky Garden offers incredible views of the London landscape. This is a perfect venue if you want a little more space than can be afforded at the top of the Shard; amazingly the Sky Garden actually gets wider as the venue goes up! Obviously this only serves to amplify the view and is sure to go down well with your guests. Just look at that sunset!


The Gherkin

Photo by Matt Buck

Unlike the Shard and the Sky Garden, the Gherkin isn’t available to the public as a viewing platform. You can only go in if you work there, if you’ve been invited in to chat to someone who works there or if you’ve booked it for an event. And why wouldn’t you book it? The view from the top is gorgeous and hosting in an iconic venue can only strengthen your image with guests.

 Photo by Alastair Rae

Sushi Samba

Photo by Matt Buck 

With only five luxury locations worldwide – and only one outside North America - Sushi Samba not only has a great name but also affords unparalleled 360 degree views of the City from Heron Tower at 110 Bishopsgate (it's that tall one in the middle). With bamboo surroundings and a dramatic ceiling, the view merely serves to enhance the experience.

 Photo by peanutbuttered

Tate Modern

Photo by Hans Peter Schaefer

Based in the former Bankside Power Station on London’s Southbank, the Tate Modern can be booked for a host of corporate events and the view from the very top is unrivalled when it comes to views of the Thames and surrounding area (you can even look down into the Globe theatre!) The Tate Modern also offers a superb view of St. Paul’s Cathedral –especially at night – at this photo taken from a recent event shows.


Altitude 360

Photo by Mark Ahsmann

The Millbank Tower has a number of different venues all housed within one handy skyscraper. Coming under the moniker of ‘Altitude London’, each offer an amazing view of the capital, but the venue with the finest view is undoubtedly Altitude 360. With its Empire State Building-style viewing platform, the building provides visitors unrivalled panoramic views of London’s iconic landmarks. 


Oxo Tower

Photo by Fae 

Sometimes, you just want a classic ‘venue with a view’. No, a legendary venue with a view. The Oxo Tower certainly offers this, with a rumour once going round the internet that insisted you’d get a free drink if you traded in ten Oxo cube wrappers at the top. Of course this isn’t true and never has been (a shame), but you can put on an event there!  Nestled a little further upstream than the aforementioned Tate Modern, the Oxo Tower is a perfect venue for schmoozing and watching the sun go down in unison. Perfect.

Photo by Michael Hodson

Ultimately, the choice of your venue is up to you! Just remember that if it's an amazing view you want, then the entertainment will also have to get up there!


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By Henry Fosdike