Vegas Themed Entertainment Ideas

March 25, 2020

Showgirls for events

Vegas! The city of high rollers. Where no story ever escapes. What happens in Vegas, stays in— Exactly! Except that cannot be true because we have a number of amazing Vegas options for your event. How do we know this is the sort of entertainment they perform in the city? Because we’ve been told! If you are looking for the ultimate Vegas themed entertainment, look no further.

Show Girls

 Yes, the glitz and the glam of the showgirls! Every bit as popular now as it was in the heyday of Sinatra and co., The Show Girls are sure to impress with their superb choreography and colourful costumes that are sure to catch the eye. Whether you would like to book the showgirls as a headline act or for some ambient entertainment, we can help.

Casino Tables

 We offer both casino tables and deluxe casino tables. The version which you book depends entirely on the nature of your event! Whether you would like to play some blackjack or roulette, we can definitely help. Thankfully you won’t go bankrupt with our entertainment - the guests play with funny money - but we can promise an extremely good time. Place your bets!

Stage Magic

 Magic is more popular than ever with The Illusionists selling out around the world and numerous magicians impressing on shows like Britain’s Got Talent. Magicians such as Penn & Teller perform regularly in Las Vegas and although we can’t promise them, we can promise some superb magic and mentalism performances from the likes of Alex CrowMaddox or Jamie Raven!

Fire Fury

 Famed circus outfit Cirque du Soleil have loads of shows performing in Las Vegas and although it might be overkill to book an entire Cirque show for your event, we can at least provide an act that have performed as part of the troupe! Fire Fury will amaze guests with their high-impact performance that can be performed both inside and out. With fire aerial also available from the group, we think you will love them!

Bolli Darlings

 If there’s one thing we all know about the city in Nevada, it’s that pretty much anything goes! Bolli darling’s ingenious characters are therefore guaranteed to fit right in. Their jaw-dropping flamingo costumes are perhaps their most famous offerings but there are many others also available. An unforgettable strolling act, Bolli Darlings can either be floor-based or perform on stilts! Utterly fabulous and perfect for photos that can be shared on social media.

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By Henry Fosdike