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March 06, 2013

A blustery March evening on the banks of the Thames might seem as far as you can get from the sun frazzled deserts of Nevada but for a recent corporate event, we helped turn the Riverbank Park Plaza into a bustling Las Vegas hotspot for the evening with everything from showgirls to circus performances to complete the theme.

We didn't know *feather or not* they would turn up... Our cigarette girls took on the role of Las Vegas showgirls for the evening with the help of some eye catching costuming - the girls were on hand to welcome guests into the venue and hand out food & drinks from specially made trays. Cigarette girls are always a good way to maintain a theme throughout an event and this was no exception, the girls’ feather covered costumes and make-up contributed to the glitzy feel of the event brilliantly.

We're lucky to have captured a 'victory fist-pump' in this shotShowgirls are nice n’ all, but what kind of Las Vegas themed event doesn’t let guests try their luck at some kind of game or other? The worst kind. Thankfully, our genial host offered the guests to win big with a number of Casino style games. Ably accompanied by the aforementioned feathery ladies, our compere brought some interactivity into the evening’s entertainment before the final stage show.

I've been working here a few years and I'm afraid I've used up all my hoop/ring puns... move alongIf there’s one element of the Las Vegas experience that we’ve not mentioned yet – it’s eye popping circus shows and the event didn’t disappoint here either. Our acrobatic duo Serenity performed both an aerial silk show and an aerial hoop show as after dinner entertainment. Adding a touch of dizzying spectacle to the event, Serenity were a great way to cap off the evening.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below.

 One of our costumed cigarette girlsMany Big-Birds died for this costume*Even 'The King' makes an appearance... of sortsVegas themed entertainment For more information on booking Vegas Themed entertainment for corporate events, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

*They didn't

By Garreth Owen