Top 5 Valentine’s Day Entertainment Ideas

January 23, 2013

Following on from our post on entertainment themes in the coming year, we’re focussing in on one theme in particular; Valentine’s Day. With the 14th of February slowly creeping up on us all, now’s as good a time as any to look into some of the entertainment options available for making a Valentine’s Day event a success.


The first ‘Valentine’ is believed by some to have been written by St Valentine and sent to his daughter as he awaited his execution. Over the years, this legend has morphed into the slightly jollier form of sending greeting cards – often anonymously – leaving the recipient to figure out the identity of the sender. Get a leg up on those sneaky anonymous colleagues/friends with a lesson in love letters from one of our expert graphologists who can help identify the telltale loops and dots of a secret admirers scrawl. Or find out if your long term boyfriend wrote his card on the train home, having bought it from the newsagents in the station at the last minute.

 Wine Tasting

No Valentine’s Day is complete without some form of wine or other, but not everyone looks at a wine list and is able to pick out an appropriate wine – often resorting to the time honoured tradition of “pick the second cheapest one.” If you’re looking for a quick master class in all things bottled and corked, our wine tasting experience is the perfect solution. One evening with one of our expert Sommeliers will have you picking out wines with confidence and making fun of the guy on Saturday kitchen who goes all those different towns across the UK but still ends up in Tesco. What is with that guy?

 Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate is as much a part of Valentine’s Day as wine and greetings cards, slotting in between Christmas and Easter in a glorious chocolate-gorging trifecta. But rather than falling back on the familiar ‘heart shaped box’ of assorted sweets, why not try something a little more elaborate. Our Chocolate Fountain has proved a popular addition to any event offering guests a chance to dip everything from fruit to biscuits into a fountain of liquid chocolate. After a couple of hours with a chocolate fountain, you’ll wish everything was chocolate covered and may attempt to dip your bank cards and car keys in the fountain for a delicious ‘journey home snack’ – this will be frowned upon.


Unsure of your ability to serenade your valentine? Don’t feel like going through months of gruelling vocal coaching in order to bellow ‘Unchained Melody’ into the face of a loved one? Well help is at hand from our brilliant musical acts who are able to serenade that special someone on your behalf. There’s a wealth of options available when it comes to sing-a-grams, from the classic Crooner or opera singer to more modern acts like Wandering Hands or quirky outfits like the Watling Street Band. But our vote goes to barbershop quartet ‘Penny Arcade’ who can perform anything from vocal harmony classics to modern pop tunes in breathtaking 4 part harmony.

 Judge the Poet

Poetry on Valentine ’s Day – get it right and you’re a romantic genius, get it wrong and you’ll see your significant other wince with embarrassment. With so much riding on that saucy limerick you’ve been working on, it’s a good idea to get a few tips from a professional. Enter Judge– a spontaneous Poet who has made a career out of his quick witted verse. With nothing but his wits and a few suggestions from the audience, Judge is able to compose completely original poems on the spot - to the delight of singletons across the country who tend to follow Judge around for the first two weeks of February with a note pad and pen.  

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By Garreth Owen