Using Entertainment to Sell a Product

July 09, 2018

Since entertainment was invented (can you invent entertainment? We presume so...), it has often been used as a marketing tool. Not just entertaining the crowds but also convincing them that they really do want to part with their hard earned cash because a gymnast drinks a certain beverage.

With Paul Smith often using performers – a few years ago it was circus folk, and then it was BMX stunt bikers – we thought we’d take a look at utilising entertainment to sell a product.

Work Out What You Want

This seems like a fairly obvious thing to think about but so many don’t. The Paul Smith ad campaign works (using top act BMT incidentally) because they want to showcase their breathable, wrinkle-free suits... And there’s no better way of doing that than by putting the clothing through its paces as it’s worn by those involved in high octane sports. So sit down, have a think about what your unique selling point is and how best you can draw attention to that in an original way. If there’s a certain audience you’re after then focus on that at this stage too. Graphologists are cool but it's difficult to convince sixteen year olds who may well prefer Weapons of Junk (also cool).

Get Creative

At the ideas stage, nothing matters. To put it another way, everything does. You see, there is no such thing as a bad idea when you’re looking at a product launch and everything should be considered. Even the bad taste ideas could bring your brand a little promotion through the Chip Shop awards some time down the line. Moreover, you never know which awful idea will inspire the one that you ultimately end up going with. Don’t follow the crowd, think outside the box and allow your mind to run free!

How Will It Be Seen?

It’s not just the idea of your advert that needs to work but ultimately, it also has to be seen or else there was no point coming up with such a creative idea in the first place. Maybe come up with a unique hashtag that can get people engaged? Or maybe even launch an inspired competition involving your entertainment in some way. It pays to be creative but remember that means nothing unless people see it. So...

Create an Event Around the Product

People enjoy feeling special. Is there perhaps a way that you can create an event and use your choice of entertainer in an impromptu performance to launch the ad? Think about the current trend of secrecy – UberLIVESecret Cinema – much of the public love being invited to a showcase but not being entirely sure what to expect. If you pick the right venue (and London provides a lot of choice), and use the main act on the night, you can rest assured there’ll be a flurry of social media activity.

However you want to promote or launch your product, entertainment can be a great way of doing so. Take a tour of the site and see if anything ignites a spark.



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By Henry Fosdike