Unique Entertainment Ideas for Weddings and Events

October 27, 2015

If you are looking for unique wedding entertainment or something a bit different for your corporate or private event, then here are five unusual wedding acts that your guests may never have experienced before!  Obviously these ideas may not be perfect for every wedding, but if these brilliant ideas fit the wedding theme, then the bride and groom certainly have an opportunity to help make their wedding stand out in people’s minds.

Petting Zoo

 Yes, we’re jumping right in on the unique wedding entertainment ideas by picking something that the Best Man and Maid of Honour will love: a petting zoo. Even the hardiest members of your family will struggle not to smile at stupidly cute fluffy animals in attendance. But if that’s not enough, then a unicorn can also be made available! Okay, it’s actually Tony the Pony in costume, but it’s still incredibly cute and perfect entertainment for your big day. Just think of the photo opportunities!

Dueling Pianos

 Band or DJ is a classic conundrum for every wedding couple. Not least because saying ‘band’ comes across as a simple choice between one or the other but neglects to mention that there are so many different types of band from a Ceilidh band to a swing band, a quartet to an a cappella trio. There is just so much choice that it’s difficult to know where to look. And now we’re here to throw another into the mix. Dueling Pianos for weddings puts two pianos side by side and creates an atmosphere unlike anything else. Most wedding bands know hundred of songs. A good dueling piano duo will know thousands.

Games Room

 Yes, you read that right. Most people want a games room in their house but how about a games room at a wedding? This can take the form of old school classics made large like Giant Jenga, Giant Chess and Giant Connect 4 to your favourite arcade games from days gone by. Pacman, Tetris, Galaxian... How about a game of Pong at your wedding? All doable and great fun for kids and big kids alike!

Dance Lesson

 Although many of us learn a few short dance moves and steps as part of a Ceilidh, another inspired choice is to hire professional dancers to teach a room a more traditional dance. Acts such as The Twin Swing are perfect for this; they perform regularly at the Waldorf Hotel and will have you dancing the Charleston in no time! If some of the wedding guests are from a certain part of the world, this is also a brilliant choice in having an entire room learn a national dance, breaking the boundaries between the guests.


Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Although ordinarily associated with a good old British pub, a wedding quiz is a superb choice of entertainment for the post-dinner discussions. At this time, it’s common place for the wedded couple to walk from table to table and thank guests for attending, sometimes leaving guests unsure what to do in the meantime. With this in mind, a quiz is perfect for getting everyone involved. And who’s to say there won’t be a round testing just how well you know the bride and groom?!

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By Henry Fosdike