Unique Circus Entertainment Ideas for your Event

February 06, 2018

Who doesn’t love the circus? Answer: Nobody. We all have fond memories of going to the circus as a child; packing into a Big Top that had been constructed in the local park, sitting on an uncomfortable wooden stall and watching a clown take a pie to the face. What could be better than that? It’s hard to capture such excitement and delight in adulthood, but by booking something nobody has ever seen before can go some way to achieving just that. Here are five forms of unique circus entertainment that can be booked for your next event.


When it comes to juggling, we’ve all seen it before. Or have we? Step forward Ulrike, who dispenses with the idea that juggling should merely be a hand-based activity. Using only her feet, this incredible circus performer can juggle all manner of things from hoops to cylinders to an umbrella. Yes, you read that correctly. An umbrella. An act that has to be seen to be believed and wowed at numerous parties last year, we highly recommend booking Ulrike the foot juggler as your headline act no matter the event!

Sphere Contortion

Another dazzling circus performance that is sure to stun the crowd, book Sphere Contortion to truly impress your guests. Perhaps our most photogenic of acts, Sphere Contortion sees an acrobat perform a multitude of difficult acrobatic manoeuvres, all whilst perched atop a rotating glitter ball. If that sounds incredible to you, then you are absolutely right. A frankly astonishing circus act, Sphere Contortion is sure to amass you hundreds of likes on Instagram and probably a few now followers as well. Not sure if it’s your kind of thing? No problem, a similar act can also be performed in water.


 Have you ever looked at a flag and thought, “I could do that, I could easily hold on to a pole in a sideways manner and ripple in the breeze?” Probably not. Becoming a flag surely defies the laws of gravity… But clearly nobody bothered to inform the circus performer known as Flagman. As you can see from the photo above, he has absolutely no problem ‘hanging’ sideways from a pole, showing off immense upper body strength that will have you mentally booking your next visit to the gym. Hugely entertaining, we highly recommend enquiring for more information!


We don’t really know how to explain iCube but we do know that a picture speaks a thousand words and hopefully that should be enough for you to understand what’s going on. Yes, iCube involves a performer juggling with his hands rather than his feet (hey, Ulrike really is one of a kind!) but rather than juggling balls, iCube involves juggling a large cube…which is on fire. It’s like somebody came up with a cool skill and decided to make it even more difficult. A true jaw dropper, book iCube for a party and we think you’ll be taking handshakes for the rest of the night!


One for the outdoor crowd, Helioom is what happens when somebody watches Up and thinks, “Yeah, that seems doable.” An acrobat is connected to hundreds of floating helium balloons, which lifts them high over the party or event happening below. Not only do they perform a number of elegant circus tricks, but the balloons can also be customised to your event with a company logo able to be projected onto this airborne marvel! Terrific entertainment that we fully expect to impress at a number of events this summer!

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By Henry Fosdike