Top 5: Tribute Acts

April 03, 2013

Whether that’s booking big names as after dinner speakers or arranging for performances from chart topping acts at corporate events, we’re no strangers to celebrity bookings here at Sternberg Clarke. But for one reason or another, it’s not always possible to have ‘the real thing’ at your event –in these instances a good tribute act is the next best option (and generally they have quite pun heavy names, which is always a plus.)

Finding a good quality tribute band or tribute artist can be a bit of a minefield, the very nature of tribute bands means that there are plenty to choose from, but there’s a big gap in quality between enthusiastic amateurs and seasoned pros. It’s with this in mind that we offer up just a few of our favourite tribute bands and musical impersonators – read on for more and let us know yours in the comments.

 The B-Side Beatles

As one of the most recent additions to our act directory, The B-Side Beatles are already earning plenty of admirers with their acoustic renditions of Fab Four Songs. When it comes to Beatles tribute bands, there are plenty of great acts to choose from, but the B-Side Beatles’ simple instrumentation and minimal amplification makes them perfect for smaller venues or busking performances (which are becoming increasingly popular at corporate events.)

 The Counterfeit Stones

It wouldn’t be fair to mention a Beatles Tribute without a Stones one, would it? Sporting one of those delicious pun-names we mentioned earlier, The Counterfeit Stones capture the spirit of messrs Jagger, Richards and the other ones in their pomp. Expect plenty of pouting, pointing, chicken arms and all round rock n’ roll loucheness accompanying that all important repertoire of classic Stones hits from the band’s half-century in the music industry.

 Fake That

When Take That made a surprise come-back a few years ago it signalled a change in fortunes not only for The One That Used To Have Dreadlocks, but for Take That tribute bands too (and guys that looked like The One That Used to Have Dreadlocks.) But where a Beatles or Stones tribute act can hide behind their instruments/front man to some extent, a Take That tribute need to be a little more energetic. Thankfully, Fake That offer the full Take That experience, even offering the option of adding in a perma-gurning Robbie Williams-alike to complete the group.


With a back catalogue of songs that everyone apparently knows from birth as well as a hit musical and wildly successful movie based on their music, ABBA are ripe for the tribute treatment. In the wrong hands, an ABBA tribute show can turn into a kitchy procession of 70s wigs and billowy silk costumes – not so with FABBA, the UKs premier ABBA cover band who put on a fitting tribute to one of the most enduring acts of the 20th Century. Sadly, still no takers for my ‘Pierce Brosnan Sings ABBA’ show... yet.

 Killer Queen

The haircuts, the moustaches, the yellow jackets and extraordinarily tight trousers – there’s no shortage of iconic imagery associated with Queen and their front man Freddie Mercury, but if a band is going to take on this hits of one of the UKs most beloved (and for some, betolerated) bands, they need to display the same virtuosic musicianship and operatic sensibilities as Queen along with the willingness to slip into spandex. Killer Queen offer all of the theatricality and showmanship of Queens most famous performances mixed - if those haircuts are for real - with an admirable commitment to their craft.

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By Garreth Owen