Treated Like Royalty: Jubilee Themed Entertainment at Old Billingsgate

May 29, 2012

With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee just around the corner, it's a good time to a.) Be the Queen b.) Look like the Queen and/or c.)look like you have something to do with the Queen especially when it comes to corporate events.  For a recent Awards Ceremony at Old Billingsgate, we supplied a few British Themed acts who had b.) and c.) covered - sadly a.) wasn't an option as she was busy.

 Fully Costumed Grenadier Guards at Old Billingsgate

Our team of regal meet and greet entertainers were on hand to give guests the kind of welcome usually reserved for say, the Pope or maybe a former Beatle. A troupe of fully costumed Grenadier guards lined the event's red carpets to usher guests into the event with the stoic stiff upper-lip-edness that one comes to expect from the kind of guy that wears a hat made of bearskin on the warmest day of the year.

The Royal Footmen pose for pictures with our Queen Look-alike at Old Billingsgate Laying the pomp and circumstance on as thick as the grease-paint make-up were comedy/mime duo The Royal Footmen who genuflected like it was 1819. This fully costumed, wigged and made-up pair had guests in stitches with their over the top bowing and scraping and acted as a fun and unique ice-breaker at the start of the event.

The Bearskin Hatted Guards await the arrival of guests at Old Billingsgate Try as we might, we can't seem to make Her Majesty turn up for any of our events and are forced to resort to look-alikes, as was the case here. Thankfully, our Queen Elisabeth II look-alike was an excellent stand-in posing for photographs with guests and doing 'that wave' when the occasion called for it... which was most of the time.

 Our trio of hostesses at a Corporate Event

Breaking with the Royal theme, we also provided a trio of hostesses who were there to hand out awards at the ceremony and generally not look like the Queen... though come to think of it, does the middle one look a little like Kate Middleton to you? No? Maybe I've just got Royals on the brain...

For more information on any of these Jubilee themed British acts, get in touch.