Transformation Tips: Fall In Love with your Wedding Venue - Wedding Wednesday

June 01, 2016

This week's post comes courtesy of Jo Morris at Rio Lounge.

Have you chosen a venue for your wedding yet? Whether it’s all booked and paid for, or you’re still looking around for The One (venue, that is!), it’s important that the environment in which you get hitched is one that you really love. The place where you say “I do” will become the backdrop for many a happy memory, as well as appearing in all your wedding photos. So, whether it’s an old barn, ancient castle, posh hotel or a simple village hall, we bring you some helpful tips and inspirational ideas that will help you to transform your wedding venue into a truly spectacular and romantic destination.

Lovely Lighting

Turn the spotlight on your venue by using lights to create the perfect mood and atmosphere. Try hanging glamorous, glass chandeliers for an opulent effect – a great way to fill space in airy venues with high ceilings. Or dazzle your guests with disco lights to get the party started with a bang. Whether you’re going for a soft, romantic, candlelit environment or something altogether funkier and radiant, newlyweds can always rely on light fittings and special lighting effects to set the scene.

Intimate Interiors

If you are looking for a space that makes your heart skip a beat, the key is to keep it personal. Sit down with your future spouse and discuss how to decorate your wedding venue in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful to you both as a couple. Even if the significance of a colour scheme or flower choice is lost on your guests, you’ll be able to treasure the memories of a place where you celebrated with intimate design details. To share the intimacy with family and friends, go for the personal touch – hand written or home-crafted place cards will make them feel appreciated, while a display of photographs featuring you and your friends will be a great talking point, illustrating just how big a part they play in your lives. Just like a romantic relationship, you get out what you put in – so put your heart on the line and invest a little of yourself in your venues interior.

Fairytale Furniture

Your choice of wedding furniture is a fantastic opportunity to create the look you want for your wedding venue – all you need to do is add the pieces you want. Combining style and comfort all in one, you could choose matching throne chairs for yourself and your partner and continue the decadent theme with gorgeous, Renaissance-style chairs for your guests. Alternatively, you could fill the room with modern designs or even go for a funky effect by mixing shapes and styles.

Beautiful Bouquets

Flowers and weddings have always gone hand in hand, so the botanical displays that you choose to decorate your venue with will effortlessly convey romance and beauty. Don’t underestimate the power of scent when choosing your floral arrangements – in days to come, a whiff of your chosen blooms will transport you right back to your wedding day. Use flowers and plants to enhance the features of your venue and take advantage of features like beams, fireplaces, doorways and aisles to play host to gorgeous arrangements.

Exquisite Entertainment

That’s it! You’re all set to get wed in a stunning venue. Combined with some delectable refreshments and unique entertainment ideas, you’re ready to experience the best day of your life. Enjoy!

Our many thanks go to Jo Morris at Rio Lounge for this fab guest post. If you want to write a guest blog post for us then please feel free to get in touch using the links below! 



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