Traditional Good (and Bad) Luck Omens on your Wedding Day

August 09, 2017

Let’s cut to the chase, getting married is going to be one of the best days of your life. Even so, many take heed of various superstitions when getting married and if you’re one of these people who wants to read too much into totally coincidental occurrences, then this is the blog for you! We are going to run you through some of the good omens and bad omens on your wedding day. If you see any of these things then we strongly advise you to focus on the entertainment regardless because if it’s a slice of good luck – celebrate! If it’s bad, then hey, you’ll want something great to take your mind off it.

Good Omens

Seeing a rainbow - Let’s cut to the chase! If you see a multi-coloured refraction of light in the sky then the good news is you will have good luck throughout your wedding. Wahey!

Having the sunshine – Interestingly this ties in quite nicely with ‘seeing a rainbow’ above. If the sun shines, then you’ll have a good day. Obviously. After all, the sun is shining!

Meeting a black cat – We aren’t too sure if just seeing a black cat is enough but from what we’ve read, seeing one on your wedding day is good luck. If you see one on any other day, it depends from which direction the cat comes. Hmm.

Meeting a chimney sweep – Arguably a little more likely a few decades ago, allegedly it is good luck to see a chimney sweep on your wedding day. Presumably you want to keep them a fair distance away from you, mind. You wouldn’t want to get the soot on your wedding dress!

Bad Omens

If it rains - We don't really know what to think now! In order to get a rainbow, there has to be a bit of rain, surely? Perhaps the two cancel each other out.

A pig, hare or lizard running across the road – Quite why it’s this trio of animals that are regarded as bad luck on your wedding day is anybody’s guess. If you don’t get married on a farm or in the desert then you should be okay!

Seeing an open grave – It’s fair to say if you see this on your wedding day, then it’s sure to make you a little bit upset. That being said, the same would be true if you saw an open grave on any day so we advise ignoring this one. Unless the church has been double booked. Eek!

Meeting a nun or a monk – This isn’t technically a bad omen unless you’re wanting children because apparently bumping into a nun or a monk on your wedding day foretells barrenness. Alternatively, this one may have been lost in the retelling; perhaps the nun or monk passed on to the bride that they didn’t have children and the message was misunderstood.

The groom dropping the wedding band – Again, we aren’t sure if this is a bad omen or simply bad luck. Imagine dropping the wedding band in front of all those people on the biggest day of your life!

The bride tripping or falling over her front door – This is where the custom of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold comes from although what happens if the bride did trip or fall isn’t quite known. Again, if it happened, it’d be bad because somebody has just fallen over, which is never good.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief runthrough of wedding superstitions but strongly advise you to disregard any of the bad ones. Simply book some entertainment, nail the speeches and have fun!



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By Henry Fosdike