Top 5 Traditional Christmas Entertainment Ideas

December 12, 2011



When it comes to Corporate Event Entertainment, Christmas is a season of Discos and Magicians. If you've got a vast collection of Christmas hits or "are magic", December can be a lucrative time to be on good terms with London's leading supplier of Event Entertainment.

But just because "Jockey's of the Disc" and "Concealers of the Playing Card" are Traditional for us, doesn't mean they're what anyone else would consider Traditional when it comes to Christmas Entertainment.

So with that in mind, here's our list of of favourite Traditional Christmas Entertainment for Events where big woolly jumpers are mandatory and the drinks menu is overwhelmingly Egg Nog based.

Hark The Herald - Christmas Carolers

Speaking of Knitwear, London based Carol Singing collective Hark the Herald are into the snuggest of accessories in a big way. Their matching scarves and hats are the perfect compliment to their charming carol arrangements and note perfect harmonies. With a repertoire that ranges from traditional Christmas favourites to more modern tunes, Hark the Herald are ideal for setting the mood for Christmas Events.

Roast Chestnut Sellers

Plenty of clients call us to book “Chestnuts Roasting in the open Foyer” although, admittedly, those are not the words they use when they call. Nothing says Christmas like the first line of Nat King Cole’s immortal “Christmas Song” however it’s important to note that while ‘Nat’ romanticizes the notion of the open fire in “The Christmas Song” he makes no mention of the Health and Safety issues that must be addressed when dealing with smoke or open flames in an event.

Walkabout Ebenezer Scrooge

The miserly protagonist of ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’ (and Charles Dickens’ lesser known novelisation of the film) is always a hit with guests around Christmas time and though he begins the evening in something of a foul mood, he always seems to mysteriously pick up over the course of the evening provided he’s booked “after the clock strikes 12”. Book him earlier and he’s kind of a jerk.

Christmas Brass Band

Interesting fact: Deployment of a Brass Band in or around any area where there's shopping taking place (be that a high street or shopping centre) is scientifically proven to increase Customer Spending over the Christmas period by up to 300% thanks to what researchers call "The Most Festive of Instruments" - the Euphonium. Where did I get my facts, you ask? I made them up is where.  

Santa Claus

Wouldn't it be cute if I pretended that, rather than getting a professional Santa Claus impersonator in to perform at corporate events, we get The Real Father Christmas to hand out presents and hear the Christmas Lists of guests of all ages? Cute, but factually inaccurate. We've decided that you're old enough for The Truth, and the truth is that we find a suitably aged, pleasantly rotund actor to put on a costume of quality befitting London's leading supplier of Entertainment and ask him to remain in character for the duration of the evening. There, said it.


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