Top Tips for Entertaining Children

December 07, 2010

"Never work with Children or Animals" is an old saying that's routinely ignored at Sternberg Clarke. We often work with children and animals, and frequently combine the two. Does it always run smoothly? Of course not, where did you think the saying comes from? But after spending the afternoon and evening in a beautifully decorated basement in Kensington, I thought I'd share the wisdom I've gained from my time here with a few of the most valuable lessons in Entertaining Children.

Lesson 1:Plan, What Plan?

All of the planning, phone calls, emails and texts to and from the client and acts go completely out of the window when 14 children aged between 9 and 11 came running (and screaming, crawling, fighting, singing) into the room. It's important to keep it together when things aren't going to plan, in fact I'd go as far as saying "plan for things not going to plan"  - of course, you can't plan for that.

Lesson 2: Acts are Crucial!

Finding the right Entertainment for the mix of age ranges at your event is key to your kids party success.  Of course, on Saturday, Frehd the Clown and our face painter were both brilliant with the children and although they were fiercely kept on their toes, they both showed their value as kids entertainers and by the end of the day all of the children were happily running around with tiger faces and balloon squirrels.

Lesson 3: It doesn't have to be Wiis and Pokemon

Traditional games are still a perfect way to keep children entertained and a great party idea.  We had a giant twister on Saturday and it certainly brought through the children’s competitive sides,  which can be a daunting sight in a four year old but the kids usually take it in good spirits.

Lesson 4: Remember who it's for

And last but no means least, no matter how many children run around screaming, or purposely stand on balloons so that they pop or even projectile vomit their dolly mixtures on your lap, even the most cold hearted of us would leave with a big smile when a little one comes up and says that ‘ I've had a great time’… There's a reason we fret over the right choice of clown, the right shade of tablecloth and when it goes right , take the opportunity to savour it!