Top Events Venue - Tower of London

December 08, 2016

Continuing our ‘Top Events Venue’ series, we thought we’d look at an ancient fortress today. If you’re describing a venue as an ‘ancient fortress’ then you can rest assured that it will have bucketloads of character and an awful lot of history, which is certainly the case of the Tower of London, an event venue that sits right on the bank of the River Thames. But what else can you expect from this fabulous venue? Read on and find out!

For nearly 1,000 years, the Tower of London has stood as a landmark for visitors to the capital to enjoy. In service to the monarch, thousands of people flock to the Tower of London each year in order to experience a true feel of Britishness; from the ravens walking around the grounds to the colourful Yeoman Warders (that’s Beefeaters to you and I) waiting to greet you, there’s a lot to enjoy. And that’s even before we get to talking about the Crown Jewels!

 When you hire the Tower of London for an event, it’s clear you’re going for the spectacular, looking to really impress your guests. What you might not know however is that the Tower of London has a whole host of rooms and spaces that are available when you decide to hold your party there. Whether it be a reception, dinner or huge event, you can pick from a variety of different rooms that hold just 12 people right through to The Moat, which can hold up to 2000.

You might wish to dine in the White Tower or enjoy a drink or two in the New Armouries – whatever you desire, the Historical Royal Palaces team will seek to accommodate your request if it is at all viable. Do not worry about having a private view of the Crown Jewels either; this is all part of the experience when you hire such a famous venue! You can even experience a special Yeoman Warder and witness the ancient and world famous Ceremony of the Keys.

 Hiring a venue like this is naturally an opportunity to hire the best entertainment for your evening as well. But what works at the Tower of London? You’ll be glad to know that pretty much everything does! We’ve had caricaturists and singing monks, classic function bands, string duos and even lutists play in this very special of events venues. Oh and we’ve even had Segway jousting!

The Tower of London really is the perfect venue for all parties and events so do get in touch with Historical Royal Palaces about hiring this famed venue and wow your guests! If you’ve already booked it and are instead pondering your entertainment options, then feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike