Top 5: Wedding Caricaturist Entertainment Ideas

February 17, 2016

We know what you’re thinking, “Top five? There are different types of caricature? Is caricature a plural word? Is it caricaturist? Should I be describing the artist or the art? Maybe it’s caricaturism…” Far be it for us to answer your questions and queries about grammar. However if you’re looking to get drawn for your wedding, then you are in the right place! Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at five wedding caricaturist ideas on this fab Wedding Wednesday (or #weddingwednesday for you tech-savvy lot.)

Pen and Paper Caricature

 What you might think of as ‘good old-fashioned caricature’, this is what started it all! For a few hours, a caricaturist can wander around the dinner tables or dance floor at your wedding reception and sketch various members of the wedding party on an A3 pad with a Sharpie pen. There may be a little colour involved and as soon as the artist is satisfied with his work (which will normally take around 7 minutes), the caricature is yours to keep! Perfect.

Digital Caricature

 As with all things these days, there is indeed a digital version of caricature that is just as popular as caricature with a pen and paper. Utilising an iPad or Wacom tablet (and often called 'iPad caricature'), the caricaturist draws various guests with the simple strokes of their finger. The drawings can be coloured or left black and white before being emailed direct to your personal email address as soon as they’re done (or a little later if there’s no WiFi in your venue.) Printing the caricatures is also possible, just be sure to have a printer on site.

In the Style Of

 Now we’re talking! In the Style Of is exactly the same as a digital or pen and paper caricature but differs in one important aspect: the caricaturist will draw you in the style of a famous artist instead! The most popular version of this is undoubtedly Picasso with ears turning up beneath the eyes and a nose that juts out of your chin. Despite the fact it won’t be as accurate as most caricatures, it creates an incredible talking point and let’s be honest, it’s great fun.

Stitch It!

 If there’s ever something you never thought possible, then it’s probably Stitch It!, a version of caricature that has to be seen to be believed. This is a unique form of caricaturism (the word doesn’t exist currently so when it reaches the dictionary, this can be its first recorded use) where those being ‘drawn’ must sit for fifteen minutes. Okay it’s double the time that doing a caricature normally takes, but look at the results! An incredible stitched portrait for you to keep! Seems like a good idea for the Best Man and Maid of Honour, no?

Silhouette Artist

 Not technically a caricature, but still in the same sort of genre (if ‘genre’ is the right word), this is the perfect opportunity to have you and many of your wedding guests immortalised in silhouette form. Using some scissors and a piece of black card, you can see your father-in-law turned into a stunning silhouette whilst coiffing back a celebratory champagne! Watching a silhouette artist at work reminds us an awful lot of magic. From nothing comes something, and all in just a few minutes! Wonderful wedding entertainment!

If you want more details on any of these works of art or perhaps want something more then get in contact using the links below. Oh, and just as an added extra, why not have your wedding painted to complete the art-inspired nature of your wedding? A perfect piece of art for the marital home. 

Title photo by Abby Jiu Photography, USA. 

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By Henry Fosdike