Top 5 videos of the Week: YouTuesday 2nd March

March 03, 2015

We choo-choo-choo choose you to join us on this very special Tuesday of 2015. Why so important? Because it’s the first one of March and the ninth of the year. Why’s that important? We’ll leave that up to you. Without further ado then, let’s look at which videos have tickled our fancy this week.

Birdman Advert

Perhaps funnier if you have seen the Oscar-winning film, this short clip imagines not only what the film tie-in for Birdman would look like but what the advertisement on TV would show.



Seizure at 10,000 feet

Brace yourself. This is the ultimate two minute thriller. Exactly as described, this video has to be seen to be believed. Heart in mouth stuff.



World’s Simplest Electric Train

What can you make with a few coils of copper, a battery and a couple of magnets? That’s right, the world’s simplest electric train. Kind of interesting in an "I'll-waste-two-minutes-of-my-life-watching-that" sort of way.



The Pug Files 

Is it even worth explaining this 20 second clip? We aren’t so sure. We give you The Pug Files. One to watch over and over and over again. Why does it work? It’s hard to say but you’ll definitely watch it twice before moving onto the fifth video.


Prince Charles Skateboarding

There are some combinations of words that you never type into YouTube, so you never know they’re there. As such, this video has remained hidden for far too long. The title is fairly self-explanatory, though apparently it's 'very rare' footage. Now it's on YouTube, it won't be rare for long.



Right, that's enough of that. We now dare you to complete an entire week without rewatching the Pug video. Good luck.


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By Henry Fosdike