Top 5 Videos of the Week: YouTuesday 24th February

February 24, 2015

Yes! It's Tuesday! Absolutely nobody's favourite day of the week. To celebrate it turning up yet again, we've compiled a list of five interesting and entertaining videos to help get you through the day. 

Kali of the Dance 

Yes, we posted it yesterday on Twitter and why not post is here as well? The rather wonderful Kali has been edited by her father so that it appears she and her many clones form a rather wonderful Irish dance troupe. At sub-30 seconds, it’s well worth a watch.

BAFTA Acceptance, Nicholson Style 

As we bask in the glory that awards season is finally over in the film world and there’ll be no more gurning for Oscar contention any time soon, why not take in Jack Nicholson’s brilliant acceptance speech from 1975, where he couldn’t attend the ceremony due to filming One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This is actually a better speech in hindsight; the viewers at the time – unless they’d read the book – would have had no idea why Danny DeVito was acting so oddly or why Nurse Ratched wandered on and cut things short. Hmm.

Oscar Infiltration, 1988

The second and final Oscars-themed video for this week, this is the wonderful story of two men who infiltrated the Oscars of 1988 using nothing but ingenuity and desperation to get ahead. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you will need: a nice tuxedo, a hefty dose of confidence and a camera. Easy.

Thundersnow montage

If you’re anything like us, then until this video ‘thundersnow’ wasn’t even a word. But not only can you watch and now acknowledge that it exists (perhaps it’s when it thunders and snows at the same time?), but you also now know that it’s rare and that it garners great reactions from weathermen.

Heater Cat 

There isn’t too much to say about this one. It’s a cat just chillin’ by a heater. Have you ever seen anything more relaxed in your life? Nope, us neither. 


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By Henry Fosdike